Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bringing the camera out

So, in an effort to take more photos, I have decided to bring my camera everywhere I went the last few days. These were all that I got. Photos of my life:

Mentos! I have a love-hate relationship with Mentos. I almost never buy this. Cos it tastes so good that I can't stop myself popping them into my mouth. And once in my mouth, crunch crunch crunch, I swear its gone in about 5 seconds or less.

Which brings me to why I hate mentos! It makes me fat. whine. Its so bloody sweet - there's no way this thing can be good for me. It gives me toothache after about 5 pieces. Blah. I can finish 5 and cs is still on his first. Bah. He finds it hilarious actually that I like a man?! WTF!

Moving on.

I got this from some of the guys in the office. In conjunction with the day all of them came to work in Baju Melayu's. During the Hari Raya Period.

But this reminds me of Chinese New Year more. Chinese New Year is a comin' Looking forward..

Oh wait, there's still Christmas and New Year Eve. Speaking of which, dad already has plans for us on NYE! So fast! Told you, my parents are more happening than me. Or more kiasu in this case. cough*daddy*cough

I instructed cs to take more photos of me. I wasn't referring to this though - take photos of me when I look like shit. But I suppose he likes to see me when I'm like this?? Barely awake?! After work. Tired. Sleepy.


We went to Asian Recipe at Premier 101 for dinner on Friday night. Its located between the Post Office and the very lavish looking massage parlor. Quite easy to find.

We used to frequent the place quite often but haven't been there for quite some time.

As the name suggests, Asian Recipe serves asian food! Haha. Just normal home cooked meals. Plus some popular Thai appetizers and main dishes like papaya salad, pandan chicken, green curry etc.

They come in small portions and are quite affordable.. I like the small portions cos that means you can order more -try the other dishes.

That night, Cs ordered this: Fried Mama Noodles with Seafood and Basil.

Do you see any seafood in this plate of noodles? After much poking, we discovered that this plate of noodles contain only eggs, onions, and carrot sticks. Where the hell is our seafood?

So of course, we asked them to point out the seafood please. Politely lar. They apologized and said: ohh they must have forgotten to put the seafood in. A bit wtf ok. How do you forgot this kind of thing?

Its like I order a pizza and they forgot the cheese!

So this was the after photo. Now we can see that the re-fried it and added prawn, calamari, and baby corn. And maybe spit and/or dirt? Who knows? Sorry its my mind - it just goes there..

This is the menu. The photo on the top right corner - that is the photo of how a supposedly Fried Mama Noodles with Seafood and Basil is supposed to turn out.

I know that photos are for illustration purposes yadda yadda yadda but come on. Look at the before photo! There is nothing in it. Just egg and noodles! But at least they took it back to re-fry and added extra ingredients.

This is my Fried Mama Noodles with Chicken and Malicai. It looks exactly like in the menu. So no complaints.

Taste wise? I don't like it. The malicai was too..raw? Like not fried properly. That raw taste of the vege was still there. Not nice. It spoiled the dish for me..

So yea, I won't be going back anytime soon. But! The previous few times I went there, I was quite happy with the food. It was just this time. Some more, we only ordered three dishes this time.

In addition to these two noodles, we ordered Japanese tofu. Nicely done. Nothing to complain about.


Moving on. Besides eating, what else have I been up to? Its Ah Ping and See Luan's wedding tomorrow and they requested that a bunch of us dance to Wonder Girl's Nobody.

So, you are looking at a bunch of heng dai's and chi mui's watching and re-watching Nobody again and again. Trying to decide which dance moves are easier to imitate.

We were trying to decide between Super Junior - Sorry Sorry, or Wonder Girl - Nobody. Both Korean songs. Decided that Sorry Sorry was too damn difficult. So Nobody it is.

Learning to boogie. The bride herself was our teacher.

Oh God it was so difficult! We didn't even have a mirror in front of us or a proper space to learn.

I have a new found respect for dancers. Singers who can sing and dance at the same time. Dancers who can count the steps and not mess it up. People who can dance so flawlessly.

Moving their head, hands, hips, and feet according to rhythm. At the same time. Grr..

We tried again and again. We tried. Cut down the steps. We tried again. Invented our own steps - cos it was easier.

Plus the Wonder Girls are five hot chicks whereas we are 11 uncoordinated people who burst out laughing at ourselves, make jokes at ourselves, trip over ourselves, and forget the dance steps.

OK this is bad. Just writing about this is giving me butterflies in the stomach. Haha. Bad idea! Get rid of the butterflies Amy. Console myself that at least I'm not on stage, and one of the shorter ones, so I will be hidden by all these guys. They are all so tall! Phew.

So that's it. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. A whole day and night of fun to look forward to. But I have to be up at about 3am because we all have to be at the bride and groom's houses by about 4am. (Gasp. Having trouble breathing now already..)


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