Saturday, 2 October 2010

Frankie's Farewell at Check in

I have not been out to the pub/club as a big group of friends in a long time. When I say long time, I mean a few months. Wahh.

What with friends getting pregnant, traveling (as in working), getting married, and cs and I busy with our new house - basically everyone is busy with their own lives now, so we have not been out like this in a really long time.

Even so, the occasion last Friday night was Frankie leaving (to work) for 6 months this time. 6 months may seem short, but soo.. many things can happen in 6 months.

When Frankie returns, ah Ong and Nana will be the proud parents to Ong Junior, Wee Lee will be heavily pregnant, and ah Ping will be happily married by then.

So anyway.

Frankie suggested Check-in. Its located at Travillion, beside Pavillion.. I have only been there a few times. It was quite crowded the few times I went there. Full house.

But last Friday, it was quite empty by the time we left, about midnight. I wonder where has most of the crowd moved to. I'm so outdated with Kuching's night scene..

We arrived by about 9pm so it was empty apart for us. As such, we get to take photos like this around the pub..

Cs and Frankie

Alvin's shirt is glowing in the dark

Self explanatory photo..

Alvin and WL. This photo was taken during some drinking games that night..

Me and bride-to-be See Luan..In one week exactly! Happy for both of them.

Part of our group that night..

Sorry I'm not in a talkative mood tonight. I'm quite exhausted. Digress a bit to talk about today.

Best news of the day: ELI IS BACK!!! With a short bob. She looks quite cute. She came back at about noon, but she was really tired. So we asked her to go and sleep first. No need to work. So, I still swept and mopped the floor.

Later, I went out with cs to our new place. To clean up again.. Tired. Later we went out to the Spring to meet with some friends for dinner at Secret Recipe then came back to our new place again with them.

I just reached home. Been out the whole day and my body is aching. I need a massage baby.

Sorry back to topic.

I like photos like these - where you can't see my face.

BFFs. Haha

Why was Frankie was so happy staring at Nana's stomach?

OK. I have to call it a night here. Going to look for food at nearly 11pm. Yea, cos my silly PMS hormones makes me wanna eat nonstop.

No lar, kidding. I had a very unsatisfying dinner. Blah. What I meant was, I had a beef lasagna. A bit meat overdose. I have been eating a lot of meat this week. And I don't like it. I want vegetables and fruits.

Tomorrow, I am going to drag cs to have some porridge with vege with me, or just have a salad. Something simple and quite tasteless is enough. A bit sick of all these heavy food.



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