Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Mum's cooking is best

This was our dinner one fine night courtesy of mum!

You know you don't even have to try this to know its awesome ok. Cheese galore. Anything with cheese tastes good!

This was a combination of rice, mushroom, corn, chicken, squid and prawns in rich creamy sauce covered in cheese.

And baked to perfection!

It tastes awesome! When mum makes this, we always finish it! There are no leftovers. This tastes so good but is so bad for me..whine.

OK. I sound annoying even to myself. Starting now, I resolve to whine less.

Moving on..

There was also bread. I love bread. I have a weakness for bread and cheese. Hence pizza. Bread so good fresh out of the oven. How can one not love bread?

The bread was for us to eat with the pumpkin soup mum made. I don't really like pumpkin. I don't like pumpkin with anything. Tastes weird probably cos I am not used to eating it. Its not widely available in Kuching - I mean when you eat out.

You don't go to a normal restaurant and see pumpkin stuff on the menu. You just don't. Its weird.

So, I was quite reluctant to try this. But it is good. It is tasty. It is rich and fragrant but not too heavy. It is awesome! How to explain? I always sucked at explaining things..so I shall stop.

All of this is courtesy of mum. My mum's cooking is da best!!

I wish I can be as good a cook as mum is in the future. When I am married with my own husband and kids.

I wonder is it possible to be a good cook and still maintain a full time day job? Do I have the time and energy to make something good for dinner for myself and my family after work, when I reach home at 530pm?

Alas no. If I can't do it now, when I am living at home with my parents and Eli, how can I do it in the future with kids to care for? Oh. So this is how people choose to be housewives. They can't be superwomen.

I actually like to cook. No, seriously. No shit. But I just don't have time. I also don't want to eat that much, so I actually also need people to eat the food that I make.

Remember my cheesecake post? I had a grand total of one slice only. I'm sorry I don't know what's wrong with me.

Looking at the amount of milk, sugar, cheese etc that went in the cake kinda turned me off.

When I was younger, I believed that women should and must work. Even with kids. Young kids who need to go to school. Clean the house. Cook for your family. No excuse. I can do it. Pfft. Sounds easy. But now. No, I don't have kids etc etc yet...

Something someone said to me earlier today made me think of this. I would have to be a housewife in the future. I am exhausted after work everyday by 530pm. Particularly Friday.

I'm sure I can cook a normal dinner at night. Clean the house? Err..depends on my mood. You don't mean every day do you? Go out at night drinking? Hah. I would rather sleep. Take care of crying babies in the middle of the night? On one condition. That I don't have to wake up to work the next day.

So yea. I suppose it is kind of inevitable. Dear God what has happened to me?


I have to stop talking about this because I'm getting sick of this..


I think I'm in love. Again. Before, this phrase confused me:

Did you fall in love?

Yes. Many times with the same person.

But now, I smile when I think of him. I think of us together. Laughing everyday. How is this possible? We see each other at least 2 times a day and we talk non stop.

Each of us trying to get a word in, even when all we are talking about is just reporting about what has happened during the day. Bringing the other one up to date with things.

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