Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Updates now and then

I have got to get more sleep during the weekdays. Tonight. Yes, I will start that tonight. I need more sleep.. Why does my mood deteriorates so rapidly after 130pm? Particularly between 2pm and 230pm. Its the worst period ever!! How to survive during this time everyday? How do other people do this?

By sleeping earlier, going out less and resting more in general. Hmmm that sounds strangely familiar. Haha ok ok. I will sleep by 1030pm tonight. Or 10pm. I will turn off my laptop at 10pm. Sounds more realistic to me.

So what have I been doing lately that have intefered with my sleep?

Nothing. By that, I mean the same. Same stuff going on everyday.

Last night, it was cs' brother's birthday so we went to Delizze at Premier 101 for dinner with his family. I still feel a bit shy in front of his family and don't talk much. Maybe that's a good thing. I don't suppose his parents will be too pleased when I am my normal swearing self. Haha.

Actually I swear a lot less already. Evidence: not even one swear word in this whole post! Proud! (scrolls up to check) Yea phew no swear word. But that's also cos I have just started writing this post.

Moving on. I have a serious craving for salmon. And Sushi. Japanese food in general.

Salmon sashimi! Ahh mine. I want.

I have been eating too much rich food seriously. My jeans is getting tight dammit. Oh shit. Just sweared. Ahh whatever.

Rich food as in pizza, and pizza, fried chicken, pasta, spaghetti etc. Too many occasions recently..

I went to Secret Recipe the other day for some:

Photo stolen off google.

New York Cheesecake. Ohh soo sinful and so delicious. Cant stop eating lar.

Secret Recipe's Cheesecake actually looks something like this:

Bad photo taken by dunno who with my own camera.

It could have been me - but as I remember, I was pretty out of it by that time on my birthday night. Nobody drank alcohol with me! Not even cs. On my birthday! So, I indulged in Macallan myself. Thanks btw bee. Haha yes I am making him guilty! Because I can.

Jumping from topic to topic now. Because I have nothing in particular to blog about.

I have no new photos to put up. Shucks. I have to make an effort to take more photos when I go out. But first, I have to remember to actually bring my camera out hehe.

Photo taken at Pulau Sapi, KK by me!

So its Wednesday. Two more days to the weekend. I liked Shirley (Lim not Liew)'s shout out in facebook the other day.

Something along the lines of:

"So its another Monday again. What to look forward to? Friday!"

Hahaha so true. We are partners in crime! I'm sorry I sound so useless. I feel useless just writing this out. Not like I don't work ok.

Just realized that the part I wrote in the beginning of this post about me wanting to sleep after lunch is not exactly nice to read either. I do my work ok. I finish my work albeit feeling sleepy.

But come on. Every office bound personnel should feel like this no? We are entitled to one off day once in a while. Nobody is hardworking 365 days a year. 8/9 hours a day. Ptui.

Everyone slacks off. Nobody admits it. Ptui. At least I'm honest.

Especially after a heavy lunch. God that is damn near impossible to work. But I have stopped eating a lot of lunch. I try to keep my lunch light during work days. Hence the maggi mee's in a cup and mee goreng's. Or sandwiches. Or buns. I hardly even eat rice i.e. chicken rice, pork, mix veg rice etc. Nada.

Come to think of it, I also hardly eat rice at home actually. Cos I'm weird like that.

I prefer noodles and bread. Ya, I know its just as fat. Carbohydrates whatever. I told you I'm weird like that.

I never order rice for myself. I only eat rice when I go out to eat as a group with friends, family, relatives etc.. Or when someone else tapau for me.

I sound weird. I assure you that I am Chinese. Or Malaysian to be more accurate. I don't know how or when this started.

Actually I know, I grew up to decide that since I don't like rice that much, I don't have to eat it. Mum and dad don't force me to nor do they get upset at me for not eating rice, so neither should you. (insert smiley face)

On this weird note, I bid you adieu.


KK said...

I hate 1:30 PM to about 3 PM too.
May be go to gym or a quick swim around noon time will help. The first few weeks you might get really sleepy a few hours after the workout. ;)

Amy said...

Haha I wish. Unfortunately there are no gyms or pool nowhere near the office. Plus 1 hour is not long enough.. ;)