Sunday, 24 October 2010

Cheesecake ala Amy

Today, I am tempted to blog about food even though I'm supposed to be on a diet. Gained weight die la. Everyday eat eat eat. Every other day there is another excuse to eat. Its my own fault. I love food to much to ever reach my ideal weight.


How to make cheesecake ala Amy!

I wrote this recipe down in 2003! So long ago. The last time I made this cheesecake was years ago. Kinda forgot how to estimate the ingredients. Cos before, I was too lazy to write down the ingredients properly.

So this time around, I estimate for this and that again. Hopefully writing it down here will serve as a reminder for me the next time.


The ingredients are already listed in that piece of paper on top. But I will write it out again cos I'm feeling hardworking:

Bear with me ok. I'm no professional.. I warned you its Cheesecake ala Amy. Meaning its full of guesses and probably mistakes too.

At least its still edible and tastes good..

- Cream Cheese 250g
- Gelatine three quarters of a small bottle (mix with three quarter cup of hot water)
- Sugar (4 spoons)
- Butter (three quarters of a block)
- Tiger cookies 2 rows
- Ideal Milk half can
- Lime

Step by Step guide!

1) This is for the base. Break cookies into crumbs. Mix with butter. Make sure its properly mixed. Flatten down. Make sure even. Fork through. This is to ensure the cheese on top sticks to the base.

2) In a mixing bowl, beat milk till froth. Pour out.

3) In the same bowl, beat cheese and sugar for approx. 1 minute till throughly mixed. Pour in gelatine. Beat. Add milk (and lime).

4) Beat till everything is mixed together.

5) Pour onto base. Refrigerate!

That's it. So easy that even I can do it..


But like I said I just simply estimate everything. I don't use a proper weight and I approximate everything including the butter, gelatine, hot water, and sugar.

What I mean is, I bought a bigger bottle of gelatine (cos no small bottle) and simply estimate the hot water. Also I don't like so much sugar so I only added 2 spoons. I don't like butter too much too but no choice. Haha I'm not that silly to cut down on the butter ok.

But actually this time round, the base is too wet - too much butter. So I should cut down to half a block with two packs of the tiger biscuit.

This is the end result:

Ya, everyone learn from my mistake. Make sure the base is properly mixed and it is even. Also add less butter.

The top layer was all right, nothing to complain. Just the bottom layer ugly like hell.

Oh well at least its edible. Hehe

I brought this cheesecake to a potluck party at ah Ong's house one Saturday night. Coincidentally, WL also made a cake that day.

Her cake looks so nice compared to mine lar FML. A bit reluctant to post it up here wtf.

Fresh from the oven, its warm, fragrant and the sides are all crusty. Soo nice. Cake at its best!

Where as mine aih fail. So wtf. I should be promoting my own cake lar. But I like hers more. How? Haha.

At least both our cakes were finished that night. Phew..huge sigh of relief..


Anonymous said...

your cheese cake finished first, wee lee's cake still got left half haha...both are delicious! i love the crusty outer layer of WL's cake too...hehehe (Nana)

Amy said...

hahahah issit? but then i brought only a quarter of my cake there (the better looking ones oredi) whereas wee lee brought the whole cake. ya ya! her cake nice. we should get recipe from her hehe