Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Rant rant rant

The whole week, I have been looking forward to Damai this weekend. This Halloween, I will be at Damai Beach. I am soo looking forward to much that I must admit, that I slacked off on work a bit. I find myself daydreaming and planning what to wear, what to do etc..

Its only one night. But I can't help it. Its been too long. I need a break. I want to go away..I need a break period.

I want to walk on the beach. I want to smell the sea. I want to sit on the balcony and gaze at the stars, listen to the waves. I want to sit by the seaside with cs and just lie there.

I feel so tired. Exhausted. The muscles on my neck and shoulders have been aching for so long. My back hurts. But I think I am quite used to it by now. The hot water shower is not doing me any good -who said a hot water shower will loosen the knots on your neck and shoulders? Bull.

The massage chair is not doing me any good. I find myself cringing from the pain instead - brought on by the massage chair.

I think what I need is a break. Hence, Damai.

Cs has to work on Saturday morning but I hope we can leave by noon. *Fingers crossed*

This Friday, I have to go to dinner at Borneo Convention Center. Something to do with the rebuilding of Kuching High. The sponsors or something like that. What am I going to wear?

Also, annual dinner at Pullman and after party at liquid. 80s theme? Seriously? At work, they announced that there will be competition for best dressed. I think Imma forgo this theme this time around.

Can't be bothered to dress up. I shall wear some old dress - cos I am broke too.

Life is a box of chocolates innit? I want to know what the next chocolate is. I don't want to wait. I want..I want so many things. Who doesn't?

I am jumping from topic to topic. Sorry. But oh well. Is it better this way? Sometimes I think its better if I blog about whatever the fuck I want at that time. Instead of some event/outing that happened last week etc, when I am just

You understand, don't you?

I am talking to myself really.

Cherrie bit me. It hurts like hell. Like being burnt. My finger is numb and the blood won't stop flowing. That is why I am sitting here alone ignoring everyone. Sucksss this is making me type slowly. Perfect. My job requires me to sit in front of a computer 8 hours straight typing away.

Yes, sit 8 hours straight. Hello flabby belly and cellulite. Blah. If you ask me, I would much rather stand 8 hours straight. I am not kidding. I used to work in McD remember? That means standing 8 hours straight or more. Always more.

Same rules apply. In the office, we get one hour for lunch. At McD, we get 45 mins for break for 8 hours of work.

I prefer to stand. Call me a freak. Crazy. Whatever. But I hate not having a flat stomach and a smaller ass. And slimmer, toner thighs. Bahh!

I went to look at Kitty's photos just now and oh God, I didn't expect this. I miss London. I'm aware that I am repeating this very often. Or else saying I don't miss London but actually I do.

I said it before, if I stay clear of photos of London, I'm fine. But now, after looking at her photos of camden, london eye, I want to go back.

I'm so jealous. I want to be a student again..

Greenwich at night.

Ahh..I'm just saying. I will be fine tomorrow.

Or at least, I will be fine after payday and after Damai..

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