Friday, 15 October 2010

I wanna be a billionaire too..

I just saw this piece of news on Yahoo! *click*

Its about a Singaporean businessman who lost S$100 million at the two casinos Resort World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands.

(Copied and Pasted bits and pieces from the article below)

According to Today newspaper, the tycoon is on the Forbes list of the 40 richest people in Singapore. He is not the only one who’s been losing big — another tycoon from the timber-rich East Malaysian state of Sabah also reportedly lost about S$50 million around the same time.

And lest you think that they are hurting badly from the losses, a high roller who is a regular at both local casinos told the same newspaper, “These guys can well afford the losses.”

Also known as “whales”, they usually play baccarat or blackjack at the casinos’ exclusive private rooms. Industry insiders and other players say it is not uncommon to see bets of more than S$300,000 a hand.

But what surprised me most was this:

A general rule in the industry is that 20 per cent of the players contribute 80 per cent of the revenue. That means that the fortunes of a few high-rollers at the table can literally make or break the casino’s earnings estimates for that quarter, or even the whole year.

Seriously? 20% of the players contribute up to 80% of the casino's revenue. That is quite amazing isn't it? How some people are so rich. They and we (common people) seem to be world's apart. And actually that is exactly the truth. We are worlds apart.

They live in style and luxury, and gamble away their fortunes (or the tip of the iceberg of), and we cant afford to even go to the casinos.

What is it like to have $100 million to gamble away? To be able to afford that without any fuss, how much $$ would he have in the first place anyway? Hmm...


I can't imagine what its like to have $100 million to gamble away. Too far off. How about let me pretend that if I have $100 million, what would I do? What would I buy?

Kinda like the song by Travie McCoy feat Bruno Mars: Billionaire.

I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad. Buy all the things I never had.

People always say that money cant buy you happiness. Well, I have never been that rich yet to buy me all that I want.

In contrast, when I get my salary, I feel like buying myself something to reward myself. Small things. No big things yet cos there is nothing I really want (its useless to fantasize) and therefore no big purchases.

With money, at least it buys you temporary happiness. Maybe not the deep down happiness that will last forever - this kind of feelings only comes from love, don't they?

So, if I were a billionaire, I would buy all the things that I have ever wanted. And buy things for all of my loved ones. And donate and donate to people who need it.

If I have no loved ones, I will buy a loved one. Haha. A toy boy. Oh I see. So this is how Mariah Carey feels. Or Madonna. Oops sorry that was mean.

I would travel around the world and in style! All the best hotels. First class seats! See what all the fuss is about. Shop till I drop.

Haha the day I realize I am a billionaire, I would book a first class seat to Maldives!! To start. Maldives has always been my dream..

Paradise on earth!

No question. Look at it. Just look! Its paradise! I have always been a beach person.

My future honeymoon will have to be at the beach too. Not some place to go shopping blah. Shop till no time to have sex even wtf! Hahhaa..

I can imagine the look on everyone's faces now. Act like a girl, Amy! OK OK. Ahem.

Sometimes I think I'm too straight/direct lar. Even on my own blog. One of my friends liked to ask my opinion after shopping because they said and I quote, "asking Amy is best cos she always tells the truth!"

That got my mind reeling for a while in fact. I felt dumb. I felt so stupid. Damn damn damn I should have told them that their new purchases was good/nice/perfect for them. Instead, I said: go refund! Still have time. So wtf right? What was I thinking?! I dunno man.

Er back to topic. Where was I? Oh yea..

Time to stop dreaming that's where.


RCC said...

Well, these are the latest self made women. not mommy or daddy's money..:)

Amy said...

haha thanks for the article. That's nice to know..:D