Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Chow Pin and See Luan's Big Day! (Night session)

You can find the morning session here. Thousands of photos ahead. Since there are so many photos can I do this in point form? Cos actually the more photos there are, the more confused I am. My thoughts are all over the place. I don't know how to start or to continue from one photo to the other cos you know how it is...ignore me.


Their wedding ceremony was held at Crown Square third floor.

Guests arrival

We arrived earlier (cs and I), cos the plan was for all of us to arrive early to practice Nobody again. FYI, we had planned to dance to Nobody (the song by Korean group Wonder Girls) again before any of the guests arrived.

We rehearsed before at my house, and that morning at Friendship Park. But, like all plans, always expect the unexpected. The bride and groom were late to arrive cos hair and make up took longer than expected. Also John was late - held up for some reason I think.

Cs and I went down to HK Causeway Bay to eat first, and Boon and gf came to join us at about 530pm.

When the rest arrived, it was too late to rehearse. So we changed the dance a bit. Meaning, instead of dancing on stage, we chose to dance walking in from the front doors.

Time flies when you're nervous or when you're hoping for time to slow down. Haha. We sat there drinking many glasses of whiskey coke to build up our guts.

Before you know it, ah Ping was calling us one by one to come out now! Its time!!

We were supposed to follow the bride and groom in when they throw the doors open. The song playing would be Nobody and we would all go dancing in - with the bride and groom leading all of us. That was the plan.

This was us outside waiting for the doors to open..

Speech bubble should go like this:

Ah ping's brother (left): Ya just dance in. Don't need to take off your clothes.
David (right): Why not? I wanna take it offf...
Alvin (middle): Ohh... ok. So we just pretend to be girls?

(No idea what to add in but Alvin's expression very funny hahahaha like he's admiring Ah Ping's brother)

Notice cs at the back - red in the face. Seriously, us outside waiting for the time to pass. Of course we were freaking nervous. Anticipation building up. Nerves. Everyone talking and laughing all at once. Practicing last minute dance moves while guests arrive - the late arrivals.

This was the situation inside the hall. Everyone is waiting for the doors to open..

And finally!

Grand entrance!

Nobody expected the entrance to be like that. What I meant was, it was so dark inside. All our worries were in vain. It was so dark, I think the guests had a hard time seeing us at the back.

Misleading photo. Seriously it was pitch black inside with the lights coming from the many camera flashes only.

Only the bride and groom would be in full view of the crowd. And even so, with the many photographers there that night, I suspect most of the guests' vision was blocked.

It was totally dark. I could not see any of the guests faces at all. Only some spotlights in the front..

Photos stolen off Facebook. Thanks See Luan, Windy Wee, and Wee Lee.

The dance didn't last long. Halfway through, the song changed to Forever Love and everything went back to usual.

We all went back to our seats laughing cos yeah finally its over. We can go back to normal. Can eat, drink, talk and be merry without worrying about embarrassing ourselves. Hehe.

Cs and I

The menu!

Got pork some more. Non halal.

Me with the mums-to-be in matching purple dresses and purple scarves.

A toast is necessary at every wedding. We Malaysian-Chinese always stand up, hold up our glasses and shout yaaaaammmm seeeeeeeeeeengggg three times. Each time louder than the other.

Later, the men go up onstage for some fun. Some of the guys wanted to make the groom drink. They brought a huge ass cup with a bottle of Jacks (I think) up on stage.

And all of them drink and drink and drink..Nobody was drunk that night though. Probably cos no alcohol (beer) was served throughout the dinner.

Our bottle of Red Label was complimentary from the groom - for our table to build up our guts to dance. Haha.

The other group brought their own Jacks and other drinks.

Here are some more photos of the beautiful bride, See Luan and ah Ping - looking dashing in his suit.

Last photo of the happy couple with the bride's family!

To the ah Ping and See Luan, the happy couple:

Congratulations! Wishing you guys a happy and joyful marriage!

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