Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Rubbish times four

I don't know what to talk about. I was writing a post about ah Ping and See Luan's wedding on Monday but I have yet to accumulate all photos. I took too little photos myself that day. Halfway writing it, I gave up.

A photo speaks a thousand words after all. And without the official photos, I am a few hundred thousand words short wtf. Haha. Seriously, writing about a wedding without proper photos? Not possible.

So. Now what should I talk about? Oh yea!

13 October 2010 (Wed)

Today is our (cs & I)'s OFFICIAL house opening ceremony! I mean, we finally lit a fire. Cooked things. Things as in cheese hot dogs. Boiled water for coffee. Invited a few friends over for lunch.

Actually he did. I was at work. Booooo. Super booo. Grrr. So yea he held our house opening ceremony without me. Yea I'm fine. I don't care. Really. Hmph we hold house opening ceremonies all the time. Pfft. Yea really. I'm fine...Grr.. *&^%$

Ah Ping, See Luan, Ah boon & gf, and KL turned up at about 12pm for lunch together at our new home. But no photos cos my brilliant bf left the camera at the new house. Thanks bee. Hehe.

But everyone has seen our house already so hmm yea no surprise anyway. We continue to add new things to our house. We now have a kitchen door yay. We can cook maggi mee at night yay.

Looking at this photo now, particularly in light of ah ping's wedding, I am a bit...scared. What about our wedding in the future? Gulp. The house is almost full with what 12 people? Gulp. How ar? Pressure. Pressure. A wedding would mean 40 - 50 people? Gasp. I feel faint.

After ah ping's wedding, the focus will be on us. During his big day, I have lost count of how many times and people who ask/tell us: ehh when is it your turn? Pressure.


Moving on. New nails that look nice from afar. Red cos the theme for ah Ping's wedding was red! Dark red for all men and women.

Yea my nails don't look so good up close that's why I am posting this photo instead where its not so clear. And I love the bracelets.

Which brings me to...another year at TJ. Another anniversary coming up. The organizing committee at work came up with a theme for our 8th anniversary! They chose...drumroll:


I don't know to laugh or cry. What the hell am I going to wear? I went to google eighties fashion:

- Big Hair (oh man)
- Leg warmers (haha)
- Shoulder pads (are u kidding me?)
- Radio on shoulder (impossible)
- Basically a Michael Jackson look for guys (tight pants that reach your ankle), and Madonna for ladies. Bah thick eyebrows, colorful make up and clothes etc

Bah bah bah

Are you kidding me? Here. Photos for illustration purposes.

It's not yet Halloween. Or rather, the annual dinner will be in Nov - also past Halloween folks.

OK OK I know that I'm exaggerating. I'm no fashionista and I do know that fashion renews itself. What was hot before will come back and in some other way. Ahh but I don't know man.

How about a theme that people will actually follow? A more realistic theme? How about a color theme. The blue colors theme in 2008 was actually not bad. How about a different color theme or something simpler. How about black? Yea that one's easy. pfft. Haha.

This is the 7th anniversary btw. click. I don't remember if there was a theme? No. Even if there was, nobody followed anyway.

Moving on. I shall decide when the day comes..

I like this photo. No, not because I look good. I know I don't. I like this photo cos of my reflection. Nice... Heh heh.


Btw, Air Asia RM 1 fare is on. I wanna go somewhere..

I want to spend hours on the plane and arrive somewhere totally different!!

I wanna eat plane food for dinner.

During midnight.

My faithful companions

And for breakfast again.

So much food for breakfast- but nothing to do so I finished it all.

Damn that was a long flight - I wonder if I can still go through a 13 hour flight. I had to go through a 13 hour flight once on Singapore Airlines with NO INFLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT!!!

Complain!!! No tv! Spoiled! In my seat! So soi one!

Lucky I had two important accessories: (1) Shirley!

But while she slept, I am left with my faithful companions listed above. Above mentioned companions are my number (2).

Seriously though, I want to go somewhere. Which means, its time to browse through AirAsia tomorrow.


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