Friday, 22 October 2010

Cherrie and New Water Toys

Its been a while since I last posted photos of Cherrie. I came home one day to find her freshly showered, all clean, fragrant and soo fluffy, jumping up and down. Too cute to resist!

Whenever we kneel down on the floor to play with her, she lies back down on all fours - her way of telling us she wants to be picked up. To be carried in our arms.. so adorable.

Sorry for the blur photos - Cherrie would not stop moving.

I didn't want to turn on flash cos it will only scare her away.

This is her "just woke up" face.

I love her best when she just woke up cos she is especially tame and docile. Still blur. No running around biting everything. Like a wildcat really. Haha yeah that's true.

Cherrie is a wildcat in disguise. Her cute face is a mask really. Lure people in to touch her, stroke her and before you know it, you're bitten so hard. Yep that's Cherrie for you.

This is what happened at the vets, when the vet and strangers try to stroke her, they all get bitten.

But for our friends who came to our house, it has been ok so far. Cherrie welcomes them. Maybe she can sense that she is err in hostile environment at the pet shop with the other dogs there.

Aiya since when do I get so long winded? Moving on..

Little fluff ball. So cute and yet so bad.


On Thursday night, Cs brought me to our new house to check out the kitchen cabinets! Yay they are finally in - both wet and dry kitchen. Cs installed the water filter too himself. He can be a plumber now. Ehh not so easy ok. At least it looks difficult to me.

Have to figure out where the water pipe is so as to not drill into it. Have to err unscrew this and that and seal this and that. When it leaks, have to take this and that out and do this and that. Yeah man looks tough. Hahaa. Its a man's job lar.

We now have a roof over the balcony upstairs. This is to prevent the balcony from being too hot, and from the rain splashing and dripping into our room. You would understand if you see it youself lah. Point is, we have a roof. This is also to make it easier for ourselves in the future, in case we ever want to extend the balcony.

Yes, we wish we can do that now. Unfortunately, the management has other plans. Supposedly, its in the contract - no renovation that affects how the house looks on the outside. Do whatever you want in your house, knock down the walls, change the floor tiles etc. Just leave the exterior of the house unchanged. Supposedly till after they get whatever award thingy.


After cleaning up the house a bit, we went for a swim at 8pm. We bought two things from Toys R Us. So here we are testing them out:

This is item 1. Inflatable water bed.

Cs hard at work.

Ya, i know we should have bought a pump or something. Used a bicycle pump maybe. But we forgot about it. Totally forgot to pump that damn thing.

Cs didn't want to use it that night but I was determined!

Between the two of us, we can inflate that thing!

So we took turns huffing and puffing. While one person was blowing away, the other went to swim/take photos/kept up a stream of encouragement! Haha

I did help him ok. Just that he didn't take any photos of me doing it.

I think it took us a good 30 mins to inflate it.. Yes I am exagerrating I think. I didn't take note of the time lar.

We were both so out of breath by the time we managed to inflate it. Swimming around just made us even more out of breath!

Why are we so smart?

Just me lar. Cos it was my idea. Cs was ready to give up in the beginning already.

But our parents taught us to be patient and persevere! Don't give up so easily! Determined people goes places. Etc etc..

See!! We made it! wtf. I'm getting very long winded..


It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. The consistent swaying and rocking about was exactly like it was on a boat. I was dizzy almost immediately after taking these photos Grr!

What's wrong with me?

Ahh anyway this will be cs' toy from now on.

This is item 2.

This is how you use item 2. It is like a water gun but without the gun. Geddit?

It floats too!

I'm still happy with our two purchases though.

These 2 items will come in very handy during pool parties!!


cs said...

haha we must buy a proper pump. btw its title not award. :)

Amy said...

hahah why need a pump? we can do it bah.. :D