Sunday, 31 October 2010

Damai Beach getaway..

My current fav photo!

It was high tide. When we took this photo, the waves were so strong and high. We were drenched from top to toe after this shot.

When we emerged, we looked up to find that our friends had disappeared. Ran away so as not to get the iPhone 4 and my S90 wet. Haha. It was still a bit wet though but both survived. Phew.

As you can probably tell,

DAMAI WAS AWESOME! Fun fun fun trip was exactly what I needed!

Now I need a massage cos it was play play play non stop.

And dammit its work work work tomorrow.

But its ok. Damai was exactly what I needed to face November.

Hello to working Saturdays!

But never mind. I won't focus on that for now.

I had Damai! Short trips like this are so worth it. We should do this more often!

Just eating and eating, sleeping (a bit anyway), playing, swimming, and lots of laughter.

Water guns are the bomb! We were kids again..

Card games and plenty of alcohol at night. Ah ong even brought a laptop and speakers. Its a party in the damai beach. (Miley cyrus)

Involving a lot of dares, photos of which I do not dare to post up anywhere. Not in Facebook and not here.

We went to the beach after all that alcohol and midnight snack(s). Probably not the wisest thing to do seeing as none of use were very sober. (FYI, every Kuching person has scary stories to tell about Damai)

We arranged the seats and dragged the blue mats over ourselves. And here it was the next morning:

I find it so nostalgic looking at this photo. This was just last night. Or earlier this morning! About 2am. We were lying here, 6 of us, talking and listening to the waves. Dreaming. Talking about anything. Shooting stars even.

I miss Damai already.

Time flies when you are having fun! So true right! How is it Sunday night already?

I am already looking forward to the next trip. Hell, I can look forward to tomorrow even. Monday at work? Its okay. I had Damai..

Short trip but so worth it. A weekend getaway was exactly what the Doctor ordered.

And I miss you already...


cs said...

miss you tooooooooooo.......

Anonymous said...

the best Damai trip i had this year...lots of laughter & fun fun fun! Nana :)

Amy said...

Nana: yeaaaa best trip so far! A much needed trip for all of us right?!