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Chow Pin and See Luan's Big Day! (Morning session)

OK. I think I have accumulated just enough photos from various sources. Credits to See Luan, Wee Lee, the official photographer whom I don't know the name of and err I don't know who else. Sorry.. I just stole them off Facebook, from people who tagged me in the photos.

Disclaimer done!

The following narration is just my side of the story as a chi mui and/or heng dai. Obviously..

Ah Ping and See Luan (SL) actually signed their marriage certificate/license on 10.10.10. But they held their wedding ceremony on 11.10.2010 instead.

Its official!

On the day itself (Monday), my alarm was set at 3:30am. The day started out very early for all of us. Some of them left ah Ping's house by 1130pm. John and boon both washed their cars after that. So late! Just a couple of hours sleep later, we all meet again!

Half asleep and all made up at 430am

The night before (Sunday), a bunch of us went out to C121 at Stutong area for supper and to reconfirm last minute details. Ah Ping was so nervous, happy and excited all at once - smiling and laughing at everything.

He also brought out the ribbons for the guys to tie on their own cars -those who were driving the next day. Or oh in the next few hours.

The bridal car

We (cs and I) left early at about 1030pm and arrived at his house at 430am to meet up with all of the guys. This time at ah Ping's wedding, I was with the heng dai's (brothers) first. The plan was, upon arrival at SL's house, Siew Ling (boon's gf) and I would join with the other chi mui's (sisters).

Waiting for time to pass..

This was us waiting for the time to leave to pick up the bride.

A cup of coffee each and some kuih's and we were ready to go!

The games played this time at the bride's house were: (none were my idea)

1) Tie a banana on each guy's waist except the groom. Using the banana which is currently tied to your waist (like you would your cock), on all fours, try to hit the guava to go through the groom's legs.

Kind of like football but with your fake cock aka banana as legs, and the guava as a ball, and the goal post would be between ah ping's legs.

I was too busy laughing at the guys to bother about taking photos pfft. Now I regret. Should have taken more photos..

2) Brothers please carry ah ping up to eat a pear which is tied to the ceiling without hands. Seemed like quite an impossible feat to me.

Ah ping didn't finish the pear btw. It would be easier if ah ping's feet were on the floor. Easier to manage. But he was wobbling about, with several guys carrying him- looks so difficult..

3) Using cello tape to peel off the guys' leg hairs. The guys said that it was quite easy actually cos the cello tape were not sticky at all. So for future reference, ladies please prepare some hot wax. Or light some candles wtf SM.

4) We were running out of time already. So the final task was just for ah ping to shout (very loudly) in 5 languages that he loves See Luan.

This is ah Ping shouting out again and again..

They finally meet~

While the bride and groom pose for photos with each other and the family, we eat:

Nobody looks very good here sorry ah.

After that, we all head back to the groom's house again. Its dawn and there are some cars on the roads now. We were afraid of the Monday traffic jam at about 630am or 7am but as it turns out, there was nothing to worry about. No jam at all.

All of us rested a while at ah Ping's house. Everyone eating more breakfast: home made cheesecakes, kuih's, soya bean, and more coffee..

Then we all headed out to Friendship Park for some photo taking session. All the photos that would be on display at the dinner reception at night.

Whiling the time away...

Why this photo turns out so dark?

Ho hum what else? Oh and I found new ways to camwhore! Here you go.

Three easy ways to camwhore with your sunglasses:

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Sorry, I have no idea what to write as captions already..

I love this photo below.

Those guys damn creative lar. I wonder whose idea was this?

It took a lot of time, sweat and effort to manage this shot btw.

Here are some failed attempts:

Not easy to balance on that thing and to lift up one leg all at once. And hold the pose while the photographers take many shots. Wearing long sleeved and jeans in the sun some more!

But it was funny to watch. Haha.

The couple are busy taking artistic looking photos. We didn't join in cos it was too bloody hot!

Too soon, its time for the bouquet toss. Guess who caught the bouquet?

Here's a clue:

There was no competition. Or rather, no one wanted to fight with cs! Crazy fella wants to get married more than me?! Haha.

Again, easier said than done.. The two guys (Alvin & Ong) were holding him for quite some time already while the photographer kept fussing about with the camera settings, choosing an angle etc etc that Ong's hands must be quite tired by then that......

.....he let go of cs.

Haha..poor thing. Notice that cs is still holding on to that bouquet.

Cs caught the bouquet 2 years ago as well.. This was during Alvin's wedding on 28 Dec 2008.

Two years ago..

What was the difference then and now? Cs gained weight while I lost weight -though its not obvious at all in the photo. Grr..

Incidentally we got together on that day itself too. 28 Dec 2008. We are so much much closer now. When cs caught the bouquet back then, I know it was for fun. Just good fun. But this time around hmm..pressure man.

Oh man it was all we (cs & I) heard of that day from everyone. No, I'm not angry. I'm just feeling very pressured only. Haha. Both cs and I. How ar? People think that we are so well off, we bought a new car and we are busy renovating our house, buying furniture etc.

But it has been so long since we went out to eat at any nice restaurant. I eat maggi mee and mee goreng so often. Ask any of my colleagues. We are scrimping on everything because it takes so much more money to renovate a house, and to buy all the necessities than you can imagine.

We set a budget but its so much more over budget. There is only so much you can plan and so much more unexpected stuff. People ask me what do you spend money on? What costs that much to renovate? To buy etc? Got also cs pay. None of your business.

This kind of bastard really makes me either 1) wanna bitch slap him/her 2) walk away cos its not worth it. He/She won't understand even if I explain.

Sorry. I digressed. A lot. Paiseh.

Back to now and then.

After Friendship Park, we actually had time to spare..Ah Ping's relatives were not due to arrive yet. So we went to Fat Cat for breakfast! They serve very nice kueh chap. It tastes so good. Seriously. The soup was very fragrant and tasty..

Part of Cs, Kheng loon, Alvin, Wee lee.

Ah boon and gf.

After eating, we actually went to Choice Daily shopping for a while before heading back to ah Ping's house. Plenty of time to spare.

Later, we all went back for the tea pouring ceremony. Basically, for us Malaysian-Chinese, it involves the married couple serving tea to the elders/seniors of the family. Grandparents, parents, aunties, and uncles. Also,the groom's younger brother and sister serve tea to the married couple.

As with tradition, the elders typically give red packet (ang pau's) and/or gold/silver/diamond necklaces/bracelets to the married couple. Also, ah ping has to give ang pau's to his brother and sister. Same goes to See Luan's family.

During times like this, it is more err...profitable (haha) if you have a big family. Like ah ping's family, seems like he has more aunts and uncles, and therefore more red packets. Haha

I'm feeling really tired now btw. So I shall continue the night session some other time. Plenty of photos to accumulate and steal.


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