Wednesday, 2 May 2012

TGIF photos

Here are the rest of the photos from Friday night, from Winnie's Samsung Galaxy SII. In case you need more comparison between photo quality of the SII and my iPhone 4, scroll down to the post below and you shall see. Mine is the edited version using Camera 360 already. Forget using the main camera without effects. Lost cause. 

So now when we go out, Winnie is the official photographer! Yay for me! Cos official photographer gets the job of uploading the photos on Facebook and tagging everyone as well. 

Sisters doing what we do best.  Btw do we look alike? Comments please? Really curious to know other people's opinion. In real life, people always say that Winnie looks like dad, and I look like mum. But Winnie and I do look alike what, right? Right?

 Kah Ling and I. So sweet this photo hahah.

Btw, can tell I dyed my own hair? Did a pretty good job, if I may say so. Liese bubble something. Forgot what colour FML. How am I to duplicate it again? Really easy to use. Like shampoo only. I was sick of the ugly roots showing and in an act of compulsion, bought a voucher for RM 220 at this hair salon (that Kevin recommended, of all people) that was so out of my way that I never went. Bah so I gave it to mum instead.

RM 220 includes coloring, rebonding/perming, treatment, and unlimited hair wash for a month. Not bad deal eh? But I have short hair now. What can I do to my hair besides dye it? But the salon is so out of my way lah, so in the end, I didn't go.

Mother and daughters. Weird that mum's face got red so fast. Normally when mum is red, so is Winnie. Weird cos mum drank the least of us all that night. She was actually kinda sober by the time we were on our way home. In the car, she kept asking us (Winnie, KL and I) to shut up. 

No idea how noisy we were apparently. Later, Cs said he was quite beh tahan/pek chek at us already. 

Beh tahan = cannot stand. Pek chek = frustrated! Bo eng lah (i.e. busy/no time lah) me, have to keep translating! So why don't you type in normal English??

Good point! I shall try!

Mary and I again.

Mummy and me again. Do we look alike or do we look alike? :D

Think I kinda look not that bad in this photo. Winnie keeps asking me turn around. Take photo from behind. Not bad..not bad at all. Hahah! I'm sorry I don't know why I'm so modest too.

Mother daughter shot! I like Kah Ling's hair colour here. Nice effect! Oh yea, remember I sprained my arm? Rita helped me "fix" it, sorta. I don't really know who exactly fixed my arm, but all three people contributed. Rita included. So thank you!! :)

No idea why I look like this then. I have forgotten, as usual. Yawn. What's new? Heheh but actually we didn't drink all that hangover the next day!

I'm running out of things to say! Oh ya btw, tomorrow will be our 8th month together. Err..I mean our 8th month anniversary following our wedding. Time flies eh?

To celebrate, we are going to wake up at 730am, laze around in bed till 815am, then get ready to work, leaving the house by 840am :X Work work work till 5pm till he comes to pick me, and go back home for some healthy home cooked dinner. After that he's going back to work and play ball while I either join him or rot at home. That's how we are going to celebrate our 8th month together! Romantic, no?

Btw, unrelated but I just recovered from my sickness, and right now at this moment, Cs is going downstairs to take two of my fever pills! WTF is wrong with us? Either one of has to be sick?! Haih we really need to take care of our health more. Damn weather making us all sick.

Actually I know why he's not feeling well now. He got caught in the storm this afternoon and had no time to go home to change or shower. He stayed out working till 830pm so he was sweating, then wet, then in the air con, then wet again. Bah no wonder sick lah!

I have a tendency to hug/kiss/grab him in public. No wonder guys don't hit on me anymore! HAHA joke joke!

Last photo of us to end the post! Night! I'm going to take my meds before bedtime!



Anonymous said...

You look like your mum and your sister looks like your dad :)

Amy said...

Hahahah thanks! :)