Thursday, 17 May 2012

From Jerrick's cam

So I was flipping through my photo albums when I happened to see this. Some photos that I don't remember I had of Taiwan..taken from Jerrick's cam. Doesn't help that Air Asia is having cheap flights now. Cs told me that AA flights to Taiwan in Mar 2013 costs RM 700+ per person, return. Temptations!

But no lah, we didn't but any tickets this time around. But, looking at these photos are making me miss Taiwan, and their food. But, I cannot spend anymore. But, I wanna go. But but but!

I loved the weather then in Jan. Not too cold or hot. It is so so hot in Kuching these days - I would welcome winter even. Bring on cold, dark gloomy days. Snow in Kuching! Anything beats this heat wave we're having now.

Five minutes after a cold shower, I am sweating again in an air con room. Too damn hot. But it could also be because I just finished running on the treadmill. And waited for the sweat to stop then went to shower. So when I came out, I still felt hot! Makes sense?

Among the flowers. We were walking around this huge open park (?) and it felt nice cos it was cold. Chilly. No hot sun. No sweating. No need to bring an umbrella or worry about sun screen. Actually still need sun screen lah but you know what I mean. No need to worry about getting dark, which in case you didn't know is my biggest fear, after rats and lizards.

 In Kuching, I never walk anywhere during day time, except maybe from my office to Mcd. Or from the car to the car park, to open the gate. Or from the mall to the carpark (if its not in the basement). I'm sorry I don't know why I'm like this too.

How about at the beach then?!! Good question! I bring out a towel (cos umbrellas look too ridiculous), walk in the shade, pull Cs into the shade, or pout until he agrees to go out ONLY when the sun has gone down! HAHA no lah!! Joke joke!

Forgot to mention, all this walking out in the sun (at the beach) is only AFTER liberal amounts of sunblock all over any exposed skin. Arms, legs, face, neck. What what? Skin cancer is scary you know? Hahah

Choosing clothes for Cherrie. Btw, it was little Princess' 2nd birthday yesterday: 16 May!! ♥

And yes, I have a bald spot dammit!

Xi Men Ding!! Ahh I miss this place! Super crowded at night. But I think that was partly cos it was during CNY holidays. On normal days, it should be less crowded. But still crowded lah cos its Ximending. I'm rambling. Ignore me.

I am so staying at Rainbow Hotel again next time I go back. I cannot rave enough about the awesome location. Hotel was not bad. Quite awesome for the price we paid. No complains. Clean room, good service and awesome location.

Going to Shida night market..

Made this photo extra large because awesome food pics should be drooled at. Come, let's drool together! After raving about this beef steak noodles aka "niu pai" to Cs for so many years, finally he tried it for himself. And he agreed that it is every bit as delicious as I made it sound. :)) V for victory!

It is called niu pai in mandarin. I'm sorry I can't write chinese and don't know pinyin, but it means beef steak. They also have chicken and other types of pasta. This plate costs NT 150 or RM 15. So worth it.

Bought the niu pai from this stall at Shida night market.

Accessories galore..bad for me.

Later, we went to Jingmei night market. I have never been there before this. Its quite small, and I have no idea how to go again. Just followed Cs' bro and dad.

So nice going on vacations with them. Cs' dad and bro are both in charge of all transportation, i.e. which train to take, which bus and which direction to go.

Cs and I just blindly follow. Cs, cos he's the youngest in his family, and cos he has not been to Taiwan before (his family have all been before - Cs stayed back to accompany me during CNY! :)); and me, the non-Chinese reader am no help with directions even though I have been to Taiwan many times before.

Plastic bags full of food hahah.

But I didn't gain any weight at all during my Taiwan trip. Non stop eating but all the walking helped offset it. Good news indeed. Eat nonstop and managed to lose weight = always a good thing!

This was one of the best "ping" I had ever. Sorry how to say "ping"? Its like roti canai with egg, with some green/spring onions on it, and some sauce. But it tastes omfg good!!

We bought one and had one bite each. Then fought each other for the rest of the ping. Jerrick came over and we offerred him a bite but Jerrick finished it. Hahaha no lah. I want one now! Hungry!

Brought all the food back to eat in the hotel. This was our last night, if I'm not mistaken. Bitter sweet feeling. We finished all the food and went back out to finish all the leftover Taiwan dollars we had before finally calling it a night.

The good thing about staying right at the heart of Ximending is that there is always things to shop, see and eat. Staying there meant that we didn't have to take a train ride to any other places when we're tired. Plenty of things to see/explore around the area.

But then, maybe I'm easily satisfied. If I remember correctly, on the last night, we walked into one of the 7-11 in the area and bought some local beer to try and alot of snacks to eat on the plane the next day.

Ok yeah, writing this post does make me want to go back dammit. This is bad. I really need to learn to save.

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