Monday, 14 May 2012

Red wine party at the pool

Photos from my Saturday. Started the day with work! Boo! It was a working Saturday. But its okay. Party at night to look forward to. :)

My hair is getting really long eh. I'm growing it out. Actually I like the look of it. Short, chin length bob. Nice change but my hair sticks out if I don't blow dry properly. Too much hassle. Plus it is so hot everyday that I just want to tie it all up, or use a headband and sweep it all off my face. 

On Friday night, we went to Bella Italia to celebrate mummy's day! Should have taken a photo of mum and her flowers, or mum with her kids, instead I took photo of the pizza. Hahahha..Winnie took mum's photo. I'll get it from Winnie soon.

Back to Saturday night. There were about 15 of us, or more? It was a potluck party. Bring either food or alcohol. Up to you. I made a pizza and potato salad, and contributed dad's Macallan. 

Some of the food the others brought were: fried rice, fried noodles, fried bee hoon, satay, french fries, chicken wings, keropok. The alcohol they brought includes Peter Vella, Stanley and bottles of red wines.

Alvin brought the Amarula. It tastes like Baileys. Yum. Looks like we had more alcohol than food. Hahahha always a good thing. At least we all had something to eat before hand.

They got more and more rowdy the later it got. They finished that box of Peter Vella and that was 4 liters or was it 5 liters? And almost finished the Stanley, and one bottle of wine. Lihai!! I'm amazed that everyone can still drive home. 

While still at our place, I heard a lot of talks about skipping church the next day, or else complaining about working the next day. Heheh. Lucky it was at our own home or else I would be complaining about going home as well.

I forgot to take a photo of my pizza. Lihai lah me. This is the only photo I  have of it. At least it means people actually like it. As usual, nobody dares to take the last slice hahaha.

Bikini babes and John. If you're wondering why there is no photo of me in a bikini, its because I had period. Second day. Haih heavy flow. No tampon can help me then. Perfect timing. Oh well..I still had fun watching them playing about. :) Bad thing was, sitting there with the food, I kept snacking non stop. =.=

Lucky girls had butler service. Hahha I keep hearing shouts of: boon, my red wine! Boon, chicken wing! Boon, I also want! Boon this, boon that! Haha kudos to him though. He very willingly helped them fetch this and that! Add points!

We moved back to the house by about 11pm and continued till about 130am. Not too late. Two of the guys even went out to tapau KFC then and came back. So good but oh so bad. KFC during midnight with red wine. Asking for trouble during this hot weather. But oh so good the taste of sin!!Hahha stupid sounds damn serious.

Ok lah..lazy to chat more tonight. Kinda tired..didn't sleep well last night. 

On a happier note, thanks to Nancy, I am now selling stuff on So far no buyers. I just started last night. When Mudah approves my ad, I'll share it here. :)


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Jessie Henn said...

How sweet of Alvin to bring you a bottle of Amarula. :) LOL @ the last slice. I don't know why people hesitate to eat the last slice of the pizza besides being shy. Hehe! As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing to say about it. Just reach out and grab it! Anyway, I'm glad everyone arrived home safely! :)