Thursday, 3 May 2012

Trying to stay awake...

This week has passed by relatively fast. Public holidays on Tuesday so rock!! It makes Wed feels like a Monday and that is always good. So by my supposedly Wed, it is actually Friday! Which is tomorrow! Logic pass? Haha.

I wanna go on holidays. I wanna go somewhere else again. The next trip is in July! So far away still. Busy researching the places to go for the trip, and to decide whether or not to follow a tour. Its a work in progress for now.

I am also busy entering into competitions hoping to win trips somewhere. I will win! #positive thinking.

This month is is a busy month. First up, the husband's birthday month And I have no idea what to get him. Actually I do. But its hard to get. I asked him to order that Yonex racket he wanted and I'll buy it for him. But its out of stock. Boo hoo. I have always wanted a birthday surprise! Maybe I'll surprise him this year with..I don't know..something. A pet dog? Pet cat? Haha unlikely.

It is also Mother's Day on May 13. Don't forget! We booked the location for mum's dinner already. Mum is a fan of italian food and pizzas as well. Suits us just fine. Bella Italia it is then!

Oh yes, it is also Kevin's birthday. The nearest one and the one that I forgot to mention. Old man is old.

Somewhere along the way, there is also a party at our place on a Saturday night this month. I forgot the occasion. Me thinks its just an excuse to eat, drink and be merry. Fine by me anyway. As long as I don't have to clear up myself. :)


I'm actually typing all this out to prevent myself from falling asleep. My eyes are drooping, my typing is slower than usual, and my eyes are glazing over the computer screen. My brain is so damn slow at processing stuff now. 0.0

Snap out of it!!!

Change of topic again. Actually twiddled my thumbs for a while thinking of what to ramble about. Zzz..

Watching my neighbours walking around, some pretending to be busy (like me), and some really busy. Come off it. How many are really busy at this time?

Its been raining on and off today and yesterday. (I'm really so bored I resorted to talking about the weather!). It was uh, not bad. Since I'm not driving. Lucky bitch has her own chauffeur aka Cs.

Tonight should I go to badminton or stay home? Sit my ass on the hard bench at Stapok or on my soft comfy bed at home? Hehehe easiest choice ever!

 Smell their sweat (ewwww) or my own fragrant lotion at home? Watch Mr Husband battle it out on the courts or watch the Voice contestants battling it out on 701? Decisions decisions.

What should I eat for dinner tonight? My leftover coleslaw? Sandwich? Porridge? Bah. All not very appealing. I had coleslaw for lunch, sandwich for breakfast and porridge the past week. FML!

Tonight Imma rebel and have red wine and pizza. Yeah right! Then it would be hello tonsilitis again! =.=

Oh wait Winnie is whatsapp-ing me. Might go out tonight afterall.

Bad Amy.

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