Tuesday, 15 May 2012

It is one of those days

My eyes are glazing over. The screen seems to be shrinking the longer I look at it. Though I increased the font size, it seems just as small as ever.

You know those days when you go around scolding/cursing everything and everyone in your path?

It is one of those days today.

From those two laughing idiots on the escalators to that ahpek, whom I swear is creeping around me. Stare away. Retards! Everyone is a retard! Woe to those people who actually opened their mouth to talk to me today. Swear to God they leave within 10 seconds or less.

Winnie asked me does she look bitchy the other day. No, I said. But today, one look at me, bitchy is written all over me.

Unfortunately, I know exactly why this is the case. I feel like apologizing to all those people I talked to today. Or rather the people who talked to me, but to whom I bitched back at. Don’t think I actually answered back nicely. Example:

Him: Wow..nice dress. Polka dots. Like a Dalmatian.

Me: You’re saying I’m a dog la? Bitch issit?

Him: (backs away) No..no..

He literally ran off.

If I’m not so angry at the world, I might actually find it funny. Its like I have a disease, the way people back away from me today.

He came back after that and I consented to talk properly like a human being this time.

I know lah. Wtf is wrong with me..I should shut up now. Might as well not infect anyone else.

So let me talk about the things that will make me happy instead.
This Saturday afternoon, I will be happy again. To the beach! Three hints where I'll be. Here, here, here, here and here. Ok make that five hints.

Well damn do I really go to Damai that often?! But I have a valid reason every time. This Saturday is in conjunction with Cs' birthday celebration!

I'm pretty sure there are still more Damai posts in my blog, just that I'm lazy to look for them now.

Anyway. Some photos from long ago.
Comic booth!
WL and I at Terminal 1 loooong time ago.
Vanity shot needs no caption.

Just because I feel like soaking in the pool right about now..

Three more days!! Three more days!! So upset that day during the pool party, everyone was in the pool, except me. Booo..

I'm picturing myself sitting on those wooden chairs on the balcony, with a bag of chips and maybe 100 plus, staring out at the view. Depending where is our room, I will be facing the pool or the sea! Ahhhh blisssss.

OK Bye.

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