Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A lot of talk and no photos to show for it

My Monday

Had a really lousy day at work – the companies I pull all seem to be worse than the one before that. Headache ensued. Kept me working till 445pm. Shocker! Had no time to check mails, reply Helen and do my usual 10-minute update on FB :X Haha! I kid!

I had planned to cook spaghetti for dinner that night but when I got into Cs’ car at , I pouted and said no cooking tonight! He brought me to Pizza Hut instead. That made me smile. While having pizza, I decided we are going swimming. The last time I visited the pool was before I sprained my arm. But as soon as we stepped out of the restaurant, it rained. No, correction! It was absolutely POURING!! Thunder, lightning!! Plan thwarted.

Fine, I went to my mum’s house instead, in hopes that Cherrie could cheer me up, and talking to Winnie and mum is better than me lashing out at Cs (poor guy). But Cherrie was in a bitchy biting mood, mum was sick, and Winnie was not home! Can anything else not go wrong?! Fine! Stopped to talk to mum for a while and left mum to rest. We drove home. The closer we got to home, the less the rain. By the time we pulled up at the car park, it was dry. No rain at all. Yay for me.

So we went to brush our teeth, wash our faces and change into swimming costumes. I don’t know why but I must brush teeth and wash face as soon as I get home, and yes I insist Cs does as well. If I have fresh breath, and a clean face, the least he can do is repay the favor. J

Walked to the pool and finally best news of the day: empty pool and Jacuzzi was still on. Finally! Rinsed at the shower and quickly jumped in! Heard the sound of a car and saw a girl walking towards us, looks like our friend. It was. Veronica came for a night swim as well. Turned out she had a bad day as well and wanted to laze around in the pool too. Not 5 minutes later, Jacuzzi was off. Oh well. Cue to start swimming.

 A night swim works wonders for me. Two other friends came to join us later in the night and amidst all the jokes and laughter’s, all thoughts of Monday blues were gone.

My Tuesday

Work today was much better. Easy come, easy go. Went home and made sandwiches for dinner. Two beef patties, one hotdog, three eggs, two slices of cheese, slices of cucumber and tomatoes later, we settled down to dinner. I had the hotdog, and he had the two beef patties. I don’t fancy them much..frozen ones not my thang!

After dinner, I prepared pasta salad for my lunch the next day and for dinner as well. It is the Voice’s final episode today (Wed) (Go Juliet Simms!!) and no way am I cooking anything tonight! No sir-ee! I had planned on cleaning the house but cooking had worn me out by then. Decided to go on the treadmill instead.

But one phone call from mum changed my plans. We are going to Planet, wanna come? OK! Shower, change and voila we be sitting in the pub sipping Heineken. In the beginning, we were all sitting down but as the alcohol kicked in, Winnie and I were belting out Maroon 5’s Move like Jagger. Twice I might add. We had so much fun singing it the first time, we requested it a second time. This was in addition to many, many other songs we sang and danced to last night.

 The thing about Winnie is, she has this happy go lucky, infectious happy vibe when she drinks. She smiles at everybody, she asks pointed sexual questions, she dances all the way to the toilet and back, she requests songs to sing and pull you along with her, she learns to dance joget from the taukenio in full view of everyone, and she makes friends with the waiters, ask their names and drinks with them. This is one of the things I love about her, and I suppose many other people does as well. Happy yao? J

What was that song we sang twice too last night? I have never heard that song before. But it was so easy to sing to. Help me out here yao or Kah Ling.

Hahah Rita was trying to recall several songs last night but she could not remember the song title or artist name. She kept saying things along the lines of: the song that has the lamp or light or river in it. Hahahha funny. We all have that moments. Maybe not Winnie or Kah Ling so much. But me, definitely.

And that was my Monday and Tuesday so far.

Why is it only Wednesday?

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