Saturday, 19 May 2012


After a night out of drinking, bar hopping, dancing on stage, getting our pictures taking (like a star #thick skinned), here I sit..unable to concentrate. From DB to Xplus to Zebra to Paragon. Why do pub names sound so...?

The words and figures just blur on screen. Tried my best and called it a day. Saturdays are not meant for work anyway.

The ringing in my ear has not gone away yet. Everything and everyone seems to be moving too fast. I burp out air and feel slightly nauseous. My head feels like its about 10000 kg, and everything is spinning around.

What the hell am I doing here? Why the hell have I deteriorated this much? For God sakes, I'm embarrassing myself. Is this one of the signs of ageing? Cos its NOT FUNNY!!

Something is trying to make its way out of my throat, despite my constant swallowing.

My body is aching, particularly my legs and feet. That's what you get dancing in 3 inch heels.

Its okay. I can still type. This is not world class hangover yet.

I had a good time though, I got what I wanted, which is to drink and dance the night away. With a bunch of black guys on stage, I might add. They do their shuffle moves thingymajig and we do our shaking of the hips.

Some guy for some reason gave me a sunflower (who knows where he got it!) I took it and struck a pose for some reason. Winnie took the flower and plucked off its head for some reason and put it in my bag. 

I don't know...sometimes things don't make much sense. Just go with it if it feels right.

P/S: I would like to state that I exaggerated the effects a little. My ears have stopped ringing and I no longer feel nauseous. #trying to regain dignity lol.


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