Sunday, 4 March 2012

Snippets of my life

On Sunday:

Walked around Spring mindlessly with no particular destination. Wandered up to MBO, wanted to watch a movie just for the popcorn. Couldn't decide on a movie to watch so we left without the popcorn. Checked out the gaming section outside MBO. Packed full with kids, mostly guys, and their gf's standing by the side. 

Went to Takiong and bought some necessities along with a lot of unhealthy food. Bad bad. 

Called home at about 530pm and self invited ourselves over to dinner. Dad made mee jawa tonight. Believe it or not, I believe this is the first time I have ever had mee jawa in my life!!

And that the sauce is made of pumpkin. Like seriously, dafuq?? I though it was a curry base but then how would I know seeing as this is my first time having it. Ahhh..Malaysian fail.

Mum made something similar to a Shepherd's pie, with a twist. Sweet potato instead of potato, topped off with cheese and baked. Can't say that I liked the sweet potato filling.

After dinner, we lingered around the table cooing over Cherrie, and talking about and planning our upcoming trip together. Happiness in general. Oh and forcing dad to go for a check up. Ganging up on him, more like.

So that was my Sunday so far. Simple things.

OK I went to Google the mee jawa recipe. Apparently a lot of people use pumpkin and sweet potato, and add in a bit of curry stock too. Not bad. that is why mum used the leftover sweet potato for the pasta.


Some photos of recent things.
We bought this at the 7-11 in Taiwan. I was not paying attention when Cs held this out to me for me to try. This is when bimbo of the day happens. I asked him: what is that yellow thing in the egg?

He looked at me in shock as I realized my mistake!! Hahahhahha wtf Amy!!! Cs had turned away shaking to himself in laughter!! Bad husband. Hehehe.

In my defense, I was busy watching tv, playing with my phone and when he held it out to me, I was very preoccupied plus I was thinking Taiwan stuff? Must be something else special instead. Hahha whatever.

These are hot spring eggs and they taste soooo good!! Try ah must try ah if you're in Taiwan. We bought this at 7-11.

Supergirl Cherrie. So cute the shirt. Forgot if I shared this photo before. This is what happens when I delay writing my blog lah.

One fine day, I decided to make pizza! Cheesy goodness.

I added minced chicken (or was it pork), onions, mushrooms, tomato paste, puree, and water. Cook everything in the pot and let it simmer. For the dough, I just bought the frozen ones. Tastes just as good.

Mr. Husband. Just because he has not been featured in my blog for quite some time. :D

Fatty, because she is unbelievably cute albeit looking a bit dirty in this photo below.

Multi lens: the app that is bad or good for girls. Depends how you look at it. :) I have no complaints!
Mini tiger.

Last photo. K bye.

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