Friday, 2 March 2012

Last Taiwan Post!

There has been one too many travel posts on my blog recently. I know I know. Even I am kinda sick of it. But what to talk about? Surely not about the heat, Kuching weather that has been making me sick, or that I am still waiting for my period to come (no, I am not pregnant).

Yes, life is that boring. You want to talk to me about work? I can list down all the abbrev. of U.S. states. Maybe even in alphabetical order. Hahaa..That is one of the main thing I learned from work. Including typing at super fast speed, with almost no errors (damn proud of this btw! haha), and how I can listen to music while working (no it doesn't affect my work - I find it shuts out the noise of other people talking/walking around/joking around).

But let's move on shall we? :)

I should really take more photos of life these days. Seriously, I only take the camera out on vacations. In fact I don't think I have charged the camera yet since I came home from Taiwan. Speaking of this, where is my camera?! Hahaha..

In this photo below, these photos below were taken at Yuan Shan. It was a large area with exhibitions, art (?) outdoor and indoor areas.

Jerrick wanted to see some show, which I forgot what it was by now. Actually we didn't get to see it because as usual, it was full. Waiting time was too long. Some crazy few hours wait, as usual. Please don't visit Taiwan during CNY. It can ruin all your plans.

But its okay because the park (?) was quite large. It was cool and nice to walk around and admire and take photos all around. As we were walking around, I thought it was quite empty. But maybe people all went to watch that popular show that we missed. Oh well.

It got kinda warm after all that walking, so I took off my jacket again. Haih. I would take it off for like 3 minutes, then when the wind blows, I shiver and quickly put it on again. Damn wasting time. :D

This photo below, it was a 3D show introducing Taiwan in a day. OK lah. My idea of Taiwan in a day is a bit different.

Anyway after that, we went to Dan Shui. I have been there before many years ago. And I don't remember it being this crowded. Oh dear. Push people push!

Some really nice cheesecake. We only bought a slice. Nooo..I want more. :)

Looks like Portuguese egg tarts. Didn't try but they seem to be quite common in Taiwan.

And these are freshly made iron eggs!!! OMG!!! WANTT!!! I have only ever had the prepackaged ones. But these fresh!! Delicious!! You must try this if you are in Dan Shui. Supposedly iron eggs are fehmes in Dan Shui. So be sure to buy your iron eggs supplies from there.

And MY BIGGEST REGRET EVER!! NOOOOoooo... why why tell me why? Why didn't I buy more? Kill me now.

Ahh dramas aside. These are Rm 10 bags that I foolishly didn't buy. At that time, I bought just one, because the realistic side of my brain was working overtime. It was telling my more emotional side: don't buy. How will you bring it back to Kuching? Only RM 10? No need to buy for Winnie lah. You already bought her accessories. RM 10? So? You have enough bags? Pffftt!!

So the stupid side bought one bag. Big MOURNFUL SIGH!!!! :(((((

And you know what? I bought the bag that I didn't really like!! My stupid brain!! I am reallllyyy hopeless at shopping lo. No, for real. Compared to Winnie and mum, I suck big time! I always end up buying things I don't really like, or they are a size too big or too small. Kill me now.

Mini Taiwan sausage. So nice cut into little slices for easy consumption! And taste oh so good!


And this was from another day. Note the outfit change.

Oh yes, we went to this huge bookstore!! At Zhongxiao Fuxing I think. I love bookstores slash stationary stores, particularly if they are about 5 stories huge. Awesome. The geek in me could buy a lot of books and stationaries.

Winnie gave me strict instructions to buy her stickers. I wanted to buy so many things. But these stuff aren't cheap. So I got Winnie her stickers, mom some magnets (she loves them), and a book for myself. Mr. Husband didn't get anything because he is ohsum and loves me, and wants me to get stuff for myself only. Not bragging lah. No need.

Seriously, I don't know what did I do to deserve him. When I drag him to men's clothes stall, bag stall, or shoe stalls to look at his stuff, he drags me back to the ladies section so I can shop. Why? What can I do for you too?

My Mr. Brown coffee and sandwich from 7-11. This was at the train station.

 They have so many bakeries/cafes at the station for people to grab food on the go. The smell of freshly baked bread! It always makes me succumb. Regretted buying this sandwich immediately. Lucky it tasted good! And we bought more food after this again so all is well again.

Here Cs has an eye mask on because the sales lady slapped this on his face because she is awesome at her job. She is smart enough not to slap that on my face because I just might slap her back. Not with a mask though. Hahahha bitch. Me, I mean.

I like her though. She has awesome fair, smooth, and clear skin. That is why I ended up buying a box of those masks and lugged it back to Kuching. Damn heavy have to hand carry.

This is some passion fruit drink at the shop right next to our hotel. Rainbow Hotel at Ximending. Looks kinda gross like tadpoles maybe but tastes good all the same.

This we bought from one of the bakeries at the train station. Zomg! Damn rich and sinful but so satisfying! :D

And cherries. I love cherries. Whaiii you so expensive in Kuching? Whaiiii??!!!

And I no longer feel paiseh taking photos in the train. Thick face is all it takes. Practice folks!

And I am holding bags of food to tapau back to the hotel to eat. ish good!

These cookies below are found at the night market. I found these, squealed, did a few hops on the spot and turned excitedly to Cs: I want this, I want this, I want this!! (Wo yau, wo yau, wo yau!!)

Cs, very reluctantly answered me: but how can we bring it back to Kuching?

The taukenio walking by, gruffly told me: take yourself (zhe ci nah) 

Nobody seems to share my enthusiasm. :(

These cookies are part of my childhood memory. My grandpa always had a tin of this in his room. These cookies along with Vitagen, pudding and many others are some of my very fond memories of Taiwan.

Thank God that when Winnie came to my place and saw these cookies, she had the same reaction as me!! :))) Sisters rule yo! I wanted so much to record her reaction to show Cs, just so he knows what I was talking about..

A typical night out - I shop and Cs take photos. Thank you bee.

Why hello there!

Cs and his new bag. His second purchase. Not including food. Me, I lost count of what I bought after the first day.

Some performer at Ximending again. It could be some guy on drums, some singers, or some joker. Depending on the night and location. Some of them are really good though..

I didn't try this. Just went to check out the stall, take photos and left. Because we were frankly quite full already.

But not too full for this! :) I love these rice rolls from 7-11!! I tapaued some back to eat on the flight back home! Ho ho! Regret didn't tapau more!

Dammit looking at these photos make me miss Taiwan, and their food!

Hello Kitty Airlines. No shit. Operated by Eva Air if I am not mistaken.

This will be my last post on my Jan 2012 Taiwan trip for now. Wonder if I have tempted anyone to go? Hope I did because I tempted myself to go for a second time around. I miss Taiwan already.



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