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Singapore Trip Part 1

I haven't posted photos of my last Singapore trip in Dec 2011. Ya I know, its March already! How did it get to March already? Dafuq?!

The only mention I had of the Singapore trip was written in this post here where I complained about how Agoda forgot to book our rooms (no shit) and about the 6 cockroaches in our two rooms. Oh well at least the rooms were cheap. But I am never staying there again..Lesson learnt!

7 of us went together on this trip: John, Alvin and WL, Cs and I, and Boon and SL.

The name of the hotel is Fragrance Ruby but we got transferred to another hotel, which I forgot the name of by now. We were in the red light district at Geylang. I swear, every taxi driver asked us: why did you choose to stay here in Gelang? Don't stay here. Its not a good area, not good. Not safe for single women at night. Stay somewhere else, and proceed to name a few other hotel names. Hahha lesson learnt!

Went to Bugis first to shop some and stop for a bite to eat.

Stopped to eat at this unassuming shop. But the food is good! I forgot the name ah..Typical me.

My sandwich that's shaped like a fish. Can tell? The keropok is the tail at the back. I think. Cs pointed it out. If wrong blame him..

Went clubbing at night. This was our pre clubbing meal at Mcd. 

We went first to a club at gives out free champagne to December babies.

I booked in advance in Boon's name, one of the Dec babies. That got us all in for free and a bottle of free champagne. Woot! Lihai. Damn awesome. I wanna live in Singapore just for these types of promo. Hahha alcoholic!

So we finished that bottle of champagne and came out again. Typical Malaysians...After that, we met up with Alvin's friend and changed club to St James Station. 

My photos somehow turn out a bit blur. Why? Aged issit? Left too long in my folder, didn't upload..har har har. Not funny. (If Kev is reading this, he would be like: diu why you so dumb?) God I hope no one else thinks like him. Har har har cos you would have zero IQ too. Kidding bin kidding. At this time I would leap away from him, to avoid getting slapped on the arm or leg or anywhere he can reach.

If he slaps too hard, I would revenge. I always get revenge! :D To which he would call me a crazy bitch. Haha I can anticipate whatever he will do or say by now.

Ahem. Rubbish aside. Photos all taken at Clark Quay. So pretty.

Surprisingly this photo at St James Station looks clearer. But by then I was busy drinking and dancing and thus no time to take photos. It was about 12am when we arrived at St James Station. So long since the night started at 12. So I ordered a Vodka Redbull to help. I miss this. Hehehe. No lah not really.

It was quite full that Saturday night. The toilet queue: so long!! Why only one toilet? Should have a couple more. Maybe got lah just that I didn't know where. In the end, I just held in my pee and drank less. A bit wtf. =.=

They let down free balloons. I was too short to reach for them. Eh wait no. I was actually too shy to grab it from the other guys in front of me. I think the guy must have noticed how I kept staring at his balloon cos he passed it to me in the end. #like a kid.

Shopping the next day at ION Orchard. Didn't shop really cos it was all bloody expensive so we settled down at a food court to eat.

I noticed that Alvin likes making that face while taking photos. #act cute. hahaha

Oh my. Christmas trees. Paiseh lah. This shows how outdated my post is. Hahha..this was before Xmas.

Met up with Tan KFwho brought us to Marina Bay Sands. It was the rainy season then. It rained everyday!! It was pouring that day we were shopping at Orchard.  Had a hard time looking for a taxi. In the end, took MRT. Very long queues too.

Touristy photo. But not very nice shot actually. I look like sheeet.

And do they look like some boy band group in this photo below? BSB! Men can pose too. Hah.

More Christmas trees inside Marina Bay Sands.

They have a canal too. Like a mini Venice.

HK Jong, Cs, and Tan KF. Sorry guys but calling you guys ah ken and ah fan sounds very cina so I settle for HK Jong and Tan KF. Sounds cooler, no? Well I think it does anyway. :)

They treated us to dinner!! So kind!!!!! All three of them here cos they big taukes earning SGD. Joke. Hahaa thanks for dinner again! :) 

I ordered this plate of pasta with green caviar looking stuff before I knew they were paying. Should have ordered cheaper food ah sorry guys. But it is good. Surprisingly, despite its err..appearance after I mix them all up. I shall spare you guys the photo.

Ai hui and I ordered the same drinks: some sparkling fruity beer, with plum? Or cranberries? FML I forgot by now.

If there is a nice photo of the scenery, it can't be taken by me. This photo must be taken by Tan KF. Hahahah he adjusted my camera's settings and stuff.

 I actually feel kinda pressured taking photos of the guys cos what if it comes out blur? Dah lah no skill, and then when they check back to look at the photos, or if someone is looking over my shoulder as I pretend to look like I know what I'm doing. hahah pressure man.

Could not be bothered to walk all the way there to take a better picture.

Universal Studios the next day. Good God it rained the whole day and night!!!! Sometimes it was drizzling, sometimes absolutely pouring like mad. So it was no surprise really that by the end of the night, we felt kinda dizzy, headache and feverish. By we, I mean me. :P

Bought raincoats even before we got in. Boo hoo. Actually it was kinda fun. The only un-fun part was that my flats got soaked! It was squishing and wet, and smelled! FML!!! But all is well after I bought a pair of flip flops. Happily splashed my way across all puddles.

Nice night view of the tall buildings at Marina Bay. Looks like Canary Wharf, no? Or HK skyline too. More to HK skyline. Canary Wharf, you can see the signs/ logos of the buildings. Kinda. Ahh..I miss. Pretty sure photo taken by Tan KF too, if not its Cs. Can't be me.

I shall talk about Universal Studios next time. Lazy to upload more photos now. Bye.

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