Monday, 12 March 2012

Updates x3

It is 11:50pm on a Sunday night. Tired and sleepy but since Lee Chong Wei is not playing yet, I can't sleep yet too. Mr. Husband insists on watching the final against Lin Dan. #All England Open.

LCW has won All England two times already, and Lin Dan 4 times. On match days, I learn facts such as these from Cs. Oh woe is me


Anyway here are some recent photos. Some from Instagram.

Dinner one fine night. Home made beef burger patties and potato salad.

 I would like to claim that I made these babies heh heh but no lah. Mum made these awesome shrooms! Yummeh! 

And it seems that a lot of people come back from Taiwan with these. Including us. The shop is at Ximending. One of the little streets inside. It is a whole shop selling stuff such as these. Many other cute chocs, sweets and marshmallows, but the best selling seems to be the condom and boob ones.

Whoever said chocolate is better than sex probably never had an orgasm.

A sleepy Cherrie is a cute Cherrie.

Back in my old room. #Nostalgic.

Dinner at Heritage restaurant. Roasted suckling pig, stuffed crab (OMG Swoons!! Best dish ever!), and noodles. The noodles was good too. Was so stuffed full that I wanted to finish the noodles but really couldn't manage anymore.
 Testing out a new app: Pano Camera. Loving the effects. Very easy to use.

Another app I am using recently is Multilens.So easy to use to take multiple photos at once.

A bit blur. Oh well. We have been going to Planet quite often lately. It is a karaoke slash pub. And yes, Winnie and I have taken to singing in public! Gasp! Shocker!! Never thought this day would come. But we still don't sing without the other lah. No solo singing yet.
 Mum is following our lead and requesting songs in public too. Hehehe.. Now only Cs left not singing.

Spot the difference! Hahaha we look so alike lo. But somehow I think mum looks better. =.=
  Last Friday night at Planet, there were sooo many great singers present. Winnie and I started naming them. I have quite a few nicknames for them all now. Good ones lah. There is a Whitney Houston, named after her because she always chooses her songs; Jackie Cheung, just because he is awesome. His voice, I mean. There is also Weepy (named by Winnie), I wanted to just call her Bad Singer. HAHAHHAH EVIL! 

I am aware that people might give us nicknames too. I have a few choices for ourselves: Amateurs, Readers (cos sometimes I think we read the lyrics more to singing), and err what else? Haven't thought that far yet.

Having fun with multilens because great singers were present. So we kept quiet and played with our phones.

Why do I always have to choose the difficult designs? I saw it on youtube and decided to copy er..I inspired.. :D

 Mum says they look like keys though.

Last photo: Watch phones from China. Haven't started using them yet though. But it looks kinda cool.

Yawn. Think I should sleep. Cannot wait for LCW anymore. Brain is shutting down. You can probably tell from the way I type in short clipped sentences. 


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