Friday, 23 March 2012

Photoshoot by Jerrick Studio

I forgot about these photos taken by Jerrick. If I remember correctly, I have not posted them up on my blog. Right? Better not ah, else I just wasted about 30 minutes of my time tonight hahaha. I remember posting the video but not the photos. Ahh anyway..moving on.

The plan that day was actually start at home, go to State library, Kasuma and finally Camp Permai/Damai Puri. It was a Sunday and it was supposed to be just Cs and I, and Jerrick. But when we started, Jerrick said that he could use a helper. 

So we called John up to see if he was interested to come along as well. As it turned out, John, boon and Doris were planning to go on an outing that day, with their cameras. So they came to join us instead. Glad that they did because they made it more fun, and thus easier to smile and laugh. :)

Don't have to try so hard to fake a smile. After the photo shoots, I have a new found respect for models. Bet all brides feel like this at some point during the photo shoot. Hahha 5 minutes in, and you know its harder than it looks. 

#1 Thinking of what to eat for lunch later. KFC? Mcd? Will I still fit into my dress after that? 

Jerrick: smile a bit Amy. Just a bit. Me: OK. Fine. Pretend I'm Tyra Banks for now. Speak with your eyes hahha. How does she do it? Anyone watch ANTM?

# 2 OK this is just awkward.

I remember my knees hurting. We had to close our eyes,  and kneel down on the floor. Lean slightly towards him. Now hold that pose. Don't move! All the while, try to smile a little. Just a little. Hahahha

# 3 Oohh..look that's ourselves on the table.

No really, look how clean that table is. Eli is doing her job. Shows she is doing her chores, besides playing with Cherrie day and night. Seriously, they run around the house all the time. They play hide and seek. They play with Cherrie's toys. They make so much noise. They go for morning/afternoon/night walks all the time. Pampered little Cherrie. When my parents go out, Cherrie sleeps in Eli's arms. For real. Forget that she is a Malay okie?

# 4 Cs is peeking into my (non existent) cleavage

The dress is too loose for me. I should have altered it but I didn't. As a result, the dress kept falling (slightly). Damn. And look how low my boobs look in that photo above. What the...? My fault entirely. 

# 5 Hello, I like you very much.

♥ how this photo turned out. So sweet..

# 6

# 7 Jerrick's brilliant idea turned out really nice..I really suck at providing descriptions don't I? Besides "nice", I don't really know what else to say. =.=

This was taken at the State library in the middle of the day. It was not empty! There were people, many people!! To accomplish this photo above, twirling/spinning around in the middle of the staircase means, we have to block the staircase haha. People literally stop at the top or bottom, shying away from Jerrick's lens.

And to get the photo above, we had to go through many takes, as well as John and the others holding the lights from all directions.

# 8 Love this photo as well. Kinda awesome. Actually love all the photos I posted here and all kinda awesome. Of course lah, I omitted all the other photos which I thought made me look plump/fat/ugly/not satisfactory/oily face etc etc. I am my worst critic. Aren't we all?

#9 Headed off to Kasuma next.

If you're from Kuching, you know where Kasuma is. For outsiders, I doubt it. Google can only help you so far.

Hahahha I actually went to Google "Kasuma". Not bad. The third search results lists the condominium for sale in Kasuma resort. There you go. Its that area.

# 10
Btw, I bought this wedding gown online. Not bad ey. Any takers? I want to sell it off but malas to advertise on Why mi? RM 350, ai mai? Damn cheap leh.

I have worn it just this once. I have a veil for sale too. Its not this one in this photo. Its the veil I wore at the beach - the super long one. In the last photo.

# 11

# 12 Why hello there!

Check out Cs' ass. Ooohh look he has a stain. On his jacket lah! Hahha joke!

# 13 To the beach!!

The beach was not empty!! It was quite full actually. I should think that it would be difficult for Jerrick to take shots of us without people in the background.

Bt, are we lihai, or are we lihai? Brought our own kite! Love love love these photos!! We look so carefree, relaxed, and happy!

# 14

# 15 Kite. Duh, I know.

# 16 

Luckily the weather was good that day. Bright and sunny. And plenty of time to catch the sunset. Well, not really catch but you know what I mean.

# 17 

I wanted to bring wine, instead of just sparkling juice. Cos I thought the wine would help me relax more. Be more natural, more myself. Turned out we didn't need it. We were plenty happy that day. That day was full of laughter.

# 18

# 19

# 20 Run baby, run!

I should not look this happy running towards Jerrick. Hmmm...
# 21

Ok, this was kinda fake. I didn't enjoy being splashed by Cs. Hahha I have on makeup what. Better don't get me all wet.

But actually truth be told, it was almost the end of a loong, tiring day. We were rushing from one place to another. I had to get changed in toilets, and in the tree house.

It was hot; we were sweating and hungry. By then, I didn't care what my makeup or hair looked like already. I just wanted to go ahead and have fun. Fook it. Fook the sun. Fook that Cs is all sweaty. Hug him anyway. Joke!! :D

# 22

# 23

Love sunset shots. And yes, we are still running. At this rate, I can join the marathon. Get rid of my treadmill. Pfft. I'm all-state man. Dunno why I'm so full of crap today. Weird.
# 24

I have lost count of the number of kisses we exchanged that day. I have learned to ignore the stares of adult and children alike, and go ahead - close my eyes, and cuddle, hug, kiss him as if we are alone.

Hahah thanks to Jerrick for all these photos (Good God - you know how heavy his camera is??!! And his camera bag, lenses, and equipment. Banyak susah to be a photographer ok!)

Thanks to John, Boon and Doris, for holding the light, for making us laugh, for making the day much more bearable.

And thank you baby, for being you. I like you. (Reminds me of a song I heard before - I like you) I'm going to Google it.

Speaking of this, I love Google, I really do. But I really hate that Blogger goes crazy on me sometimes. Why do you keep telling me that I have signed in on another computer/location, when I have not?

Dear God, please please please (x100000) tell me I do not have a hacker. Kill me now. Seriously, I am a nobody. Don't hack into my account or destroy me.

OK rubbish aside. Bye.

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