Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Totally irrelevant post with no purpose

I really want to write something down.

I am soo looking forward to my KL trip. Its just KL, but oh well. Its a holiday nonetheless. I have a few trips planned this year already. :X And its only March. Not to mention that we still haven't got round to getting that auto gate. Hahaha..that might never happen. Well not these few months at least..

Forget getting pregnant. No time! People, stop asking me. :D

We got a hand-me-down tv for our bedroom. No complaints there! Its one of the best things that could happen these days. Cs is elated. And so am I. Hahah. I thought that I would sleep later rather than earlier, with a tv in the bedroom.

But it turns out that, once we were both snuggled in bed, and the tv is blaring away, my body tells me that I'm tired. My eyelids droop, I can't keep my eyes open nor can I pay attention to what is on screen.

Unlike downstairs, I don't know why. I type away on the computer (like now), and procastinate. I wait and dawdle and find things to do just to avoid going to bed. Just because I want to prolong the day just a bit longer. Because waking up tomorrow morning, it will be yet another boring work day. 

I haven't been swimming in..forever. Or forever as in the last time Winnie came to visit. Which was, well forever. :)

I want to go to Phuket and laze about in that exact same spot. Fat chance. Next time I'm going to Phuket, I doubt we would stay in the same hotel (or same room type for that matter) again. I want to target Sri Panwa. Hahhaha fat chance! Google it. Agoda it! Sri Panwa villas! Swoonsss!! 

Only people like Xiaxue are so lucky get to be invited to places like that on a sponsored trip. Who doesn't envy that? Maybe that is why she got so many haters. Even on formspring, total retards keep asking pointless/irrelevant questions, if nothing, just to piss her off. 

The view outside a typical Melia room. I miss.

Genting, which I miss too. This was on one of our first trips together to KL. 

Damai Puri, which I am convincing him is the right place to go on his birthday! Hahaha!

I sound damn selfish I know. But he wants to go too! And my birthday is too far way to consider. I need an excuse to go to Damai, and since my birthday is so far away, well...the only logical conclusion is to convince him to go on his. :) Smart eh? 

On this abrupt note, I bid you adieu.

Sleep is a-coming.


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