Tuesday, 28 February 2012

6 months and counting..

It will be our 6th month anniversary soon in a few day’s time. I wanted to leave a record somewhere of how married life is these days. I am in the mood to write something now. If I leave it till the exact date, more often than not, I won’t end up writing anything again. As you can probably tell, this happens quite often.

Tonight, he is at a wedding dinner of a friend. Alone at home, I decided to put on our wedding DVD to watch by myself. As I watch it again, I am struck by how fast time flies. Not just now. I meant the day itself. On your wedding day, time flies by too. 

Wake up in the morning, butterflies in my stomach, waiting for my make up artist, photographer and videographer to arrive. Before I knew it, Cs was standing in front of me, then lunch, then make up again and then dinner. First course, second course, and that's it? Dinner over!

I feel a slight sense of regret. After all those months of planning, worrying and fretting, is it over so fast? But then, if I didn’t fret and worry about all those things, I wouldn’t look back on such a wonderful day and night. I would be regretting that things could have been better. At least now, when I look back, I have so many fond memories. Watching this video, I feel slightly wistful, nostalgic, fond, loving, missing.. 

OK fine. I do have regrets. I regret not being more confident. Why was I so shy and awkward?! Cos it shows!! On photos and videos. For future brides: smile, laugh, be more natural. Try to get used to being the centre of attention for the whole day and night. I wish that I had not avoided the gaze of the videographer so much. I kept looking away or else not being more..well..myself. 

I was only more myself when most people left and I was within my own circle of close friends and family. Then, I let go! Oh boy did I let go! I drank and dance. I posed and smiled for the camera and video. I laughed. I hugged and kissed him without caring who was watching. My advice to future brides: do the same. Be yourself! Be confident! Smile! Laugh! It is supposed to be your big day! 

And please if you are nervous, have an alcoholic drink beforehand. Calm down. If you’re nervous, it shows. People can tell, and they remember. It shows in the photos and videos. Enjoy yourself. It is your big day. A happy occasion. Everyone is gathering for your big day, so enjoy yourself. You worked hard for the day, enjoy yourself. It is a celebration!!

Pep talk indeed. But yes, two of my best friends are getting married this year. So remember this both of you. Hahahhaa..

And now it has been six months since our wedding. 

Life now:
Earlier this evening, I cleaned out the kitchen cupboards, washed the cutlery and rearranged them inside their respective drawers.

I have finally got round to organising my accessories and closet. I mean to say I bought new accessories trays and new cupboards because my stuff is too much and getting really messy and unorganised.

I still miss home, my sister, my family, and Cherrie!!! And of course Eli! Haha particularly in the earlier days of our marriage. I still long for an Eli at home, but less these days. Winnie visits me quite often these days so we still keep in touch, for which I am very thankful. I go home for dinner about once a week, or we eat out. 

 Cs still does the laundry and washes the toilet. Willingly. 

I continue to cook and experiment in the kitchen. I am getting lazier to sweep and mop. Twice a week became once a week. Now that we bought a new vacuum and Cs is happily vacuuming away, I am getting lazier too. If anything, I started to wear slippers at home so I don’t feel the need to sweep/vacuum so often. Easier to ignore the dust WTF!! Hahahhahaha…

We watch more movies at home these days, and definitely go out less during the weekends. Wait, I mean to say that I go clubbing less. When we do go, its mostly with my family. Not just the 2 of us anymore. But its okay..We spend so much time together now. From the moment I open my eyes in the morning, till I close my eyes at night..

Sometimes when I open my call list to call him, I am surprised by how far down the list he is. He was always the number one on my call list or message list. This just means that we are together and joined at the hip so frequently that I don’t have to call or text him at all. He is always right beside me.

That's about all I can think of for now. Update in 6 more months! ♥

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