Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Japanese Buffet at Riverside

These photos are from Saturday night. The Japanese buffet at Riverside Majestic.

Food was good. Appetisers with stuff such as oysters, prawns, the seaweed stuff you see in the plate up there, salad and so on; mains with rice, udon noodles, cold noodles, soup, lamb, chicken etc; sushi/sashimi orders, hand rolls, and so on and so forth; and desserts, including cakes, ice cream and choc fondue. 

The only complain I have is the queue. The long queue from everyone waiting for their orders on the sashimi, sushi, hand rolls and so on and so forth.

The chefs willingly make you anything you request for. You just have to wait for your turn..and you know, this is Kuching. People don't exactly queue.

I have been going here for years. The food don't disappoint. The crowd is going strong. It is full every Saturday. I don't know about Wednesday nights though.

 My dress, earrings, and bracelet are from Taiwan! Necklace from Malaysia. Cheapest item was probably the dress for NT 250. RM 25. Damn cheap. Love the dress. It was from a night market. Shida, if I remember correctly.

Still not used to short hair. It is so much faster to blow dry now and so hassle free. No need for a curling iron or hair bands. :)

Short update today. I got my cervix cancer jab earlier today. It didn't hurt that much for the injection itself. But it hurts now.. It hurts to lift my arm or lift heavy things. It hurts from moving my arm at all. Oh well. If it means I have one less thing to worry about, so be it. 



Kah Ling said...

I LIKE YOUR EARRING!! and ooohh your hair as well!! :3

Amy said...

Heyy just saw your comment ahh paiseh. Earring from Taiwan. Ask Rita go. Hehehe..