Friday, 3 February 2012

Hong Kong Disneyland!!!

Disneyland! The happiest place on earth! Everyone should go to Disneyland at least once. Particularly during winter though, so its easier to walk around and enjoy yourself. Who wants to walk about in the hot sun? Have to slather on sun block and carry an umbrella. Nehh..much better in the winter.

That day we went to Disneyland, it was kinda warm, to put it mildly. Aiya no lah it was fucking hot that day!! And I was dressed inappropriately. I had no idea it would be so warm. In the middle of November. Nooo..I should have checked the damn weather forecast.

Oh well. Anyway, start at the beginning. Before going to Disneyland, we had breakfast at Yau Ma Tei at one of the cafes near to our hotel.

My outfit of the day. I thought that since we would be outdoors the whole day, I had better dress warmly. Haih bad idea. Walking around so much only made me hot.

My polo bun with ham and egg. Yumm..

Cs' Hainan chicken rice for breakfast. Men. Can eat oily chicken rice as the first meal of the day. Lihai. It tastes good though.

One more photo of me before I got all sweaty and sticky. No lah I'm exaggerating. Not that hot. I did take off my sweater and scarf and wished I could take off my stockings too. But then that would mean I have to keep my stockings in my bag. Mehh better not. Better off just wearing it.

On the way to Disneyland. Took MTR and changed at Central. The station is so damn huge. Like a maze underground with signs leading you here and there. I love their system. Damn organized and very easy to use for tourists. The signs are in both Chinese and English.

Changed trains to Disneyland!! Damn syiok by now.

Their trains are so cute! Got Disneyland feel already.

Even the seats look cleaner and more comfy. And I am damn poser hahaha

Cute Mickey handrails..

And a very happy couple..

Finally arrived at Hong Kong Disneyland resort!! Damn happy but as soon as I stepped out of the MTR station, dammit the sun!! Thwarted. It was so hot. I know I know. Its better than rain right? Damn right. So I shall shut up now. Hahha..

I went to Universal Studios in Singapore in Dec 2011. It rained the whole day we were there, as soon as we stepped in Universal Studios. FML!! But I shall save that story for another post.

Look at what other people are wearing. Short sleeved shirts and short pants. And me the freak from in cardigan, scarf and tights. Lucky I had the sense to wear just a loose tank top inside. :S

Entrance tickets to Disneyland. Tinkerbell!!

It was so clean everywhere and simply point your camera also can take nice photos.

Everyone was busy taking photos everywhere. Us as well in our sunnies. Bright and sunny day was actually too sunny and made it hard to sightsee. But lucky there were plenty of buildings and shady areas to hide in. :)

Disneyland wasn't that crowded that day, or so I thought until I saw the queues of people waiting to take photos with Mickey, Minnie, and other cast of characters, and oh yaa the queue of people waiting to watch the shows.

♥ Goofy and Pluto!

I didn't bother to queue up for photos with any other characters after that. Queues means having to wait in the hot sun. No like.
Mickey shaped waffles! 

And I got excited at seeing the apothecary, because isn't that where they sell potion making stuff? In Harry Potter, I mean. :)

I'm a true Harry Potter geek. At Taipei Zoo, I saw a boa constrictor and asked Cs to take a photo of me quick quick, cos it looks like Nagini. =.=

This was the first ride we got on in Tomorrowland. I think. It was fun! Made us forget about the heat for a while.

You shoot at the X's on the err pictures/aliens? And the one with the most points that shoot the most accurately wins. Haha win nothing lah but it was fun though..

Love this photo I took of him. Looks like he's in an alien aircraft shooting aliens hah. And he looks so excited. Like a kid!

Studying the map to search for whichever place that is closest and is shaded. Heh. I know what you're thinking. Just take out your fucking umbrella and shut the fuck up!

 I did take out my umbrella and got weird looks. Actually Cs was kinda embarrassed and I don't blame him. So I let him keep it after all. :(

Its a Small World Ride!! Its huge inside. That building behind us consists of that ride.

It is so beautifully decorated inside. The different countries, different cultures, different songs and themes. How much effort they put in just for this one ride. Awesome. Disney never fails to impress you.

This one below is Jasmine and Aladdin on the magic carpet!!

And this is how the ride looks like. You sit on a boat and it brings you down the tunnel (?)/river till the end.

Ice cream on a hot sunny day. Bliss.

One of the must see shows has to be Golden Mickey's award show. Because it was sunny that day, we went from one show to another inside the theatres before going on the outdoor rides. Best decision ever.

Here we are in the queue to the Golden Mickey's show..It can get quite long so be sure to check the times and arrive early.

Again, they put in so much effort for the shows its really amazing. They do this about 2-3 times a day and yet its great. So worth it. Must watch all the shows, remember!!

Not so hot anymore and out of shows so we went to Adventureland!

Took a boat ride to the HUGE tree house.

Saw an elephant in the water. Looks surprisingly real..

Oh wait this is one of the other boat rides in Adventureland. It was surprisingly fun. They had elephants in the water, fire and smoke and special effects.

Cinderella and Aurora of Sleeping Beauty. Queue was too long so we didn't bother again..

♥ the photo of us below. Pfft who needs a gorrilla pod or whatever we are getting so good at this. Ehh wait think I said that before..

This trip was in Nov last year and I forgot most things already, such as the name of the show below. It could be Shrek's show or was it Mickey's PhilharMagic show? Either one, just watch all. It was ALL AWESOME!!

We didn't stop to watch the fireworks. We wanted to avoid the crowds leaving Disneyland and also because we wanted to go sightsee some more. Plus I thought, fireworks all look the same, no? We might as well watch the CNY ones. Heh.

By nightfall, the castle looked breathtaking. The streets were lit up and it felt, if possible, even more magical. Cos not hot anymore at night..that's why I took out my scarf again.

I know I could probably write more but oh well, photos are worth a thousand words aren't they. Too many things have happened since the trip that I have forgotten most of what I intended to say already.

My thoughts are more consumed with my recent Taiwan trip. It was great. That was my answer to everyone. I suck at describing or talking in general haha. Let me explain: the food was great. I tried a lot of different food, snacks, titbits, and ended up eating no main meal the entire 6 days I have been there.

I also avoided eating food that can be found in Malaysia. Namely the hotel breakfast provided for free. Hehh I know I might come across super picky at times (ok lah most of the time), but really I don't have a huge appetite unlike some lucky people who can eat and not gain anything. I'm not. So, I eat moderately and choose only the food that I want to eat.

Spare me the speech: children in Africa have nothing to eat and you are so picky about your food bla bla bla. So if I eat all the shit I can lay my hands on, the children of Africa will have food to eat everyday issit? Who came up with this speech in the first place anyway? If you want to use the children of Africa to guilt me into eating, its the wrong (and not to mention, stupid) way. Help the children of Africa by donating to some charitable function or something but don't use it to preach.

I don't mean to rant but I just hear that too many times and it irks me. I know that ranting is bad and it is one of my resolutions to stop it (ok not stop but reduce whining on my blog definitely and maybe I should add stop being so defensive all the time).

Ahh anyway its Friday!! And I will blog more. Promise to myself.


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