Monday, 6 February 2012

CNY 2012

So, this should be my CNY post. I was only here (in Kuching) for the first day anyway. The second day, Cs and I went to KK for a night to catch our flight to Taipei at freaking 6+ am in the morning. Boo hoo. Heard they killed the KK-TPE flight and only retained the KL-TPE flight. No idea how accurate it was, but if it means I don't have to overnight at Tune Hotel anymore, I have no complaints! :) 

OK. I just checked Air Asia. They are still running the KK-TPE flights ler..hmm..who was it who told me it was cancelled?

Moving on..moving on. I am already planning my next Taipei trip. That is how much I love and miss Taiwan!!


Every CNY eve, Kuching people put on a show. A huge fireworks show. Its a battle. Its WAR!! Its once a year. Its fun! Its CNY!!! I feel like Kuching is a place like no other. You simply must experience CNY eve in Kuching. The fireworks show starts after the reunion dinner, slowly at first then peaks at about 1130 pm till 1230 am. 

We, Simon family spent the reunion night eating together with all the relatives: grandma, cousins, aunts and uncles who come back from afar, gather around the tables and eat together. 

After clearing up, the children watch cartoons on tv, my aunts and uncles plus my parents gather around the table drinking whiskey, talking and laughing away.

 Cherrie has a new friend..

Depending on the situation, we (Kev, Win, Cs and I) might join in, or we gamble. This year we chose to gamble. With fake poker chips that Kevin bought from somewhere. 

Should have taken a photo damn. Hahah funny cos fake poker chips come in three colors and I suggested we start from 1,000 to 10,000 for each. Its fun playing poker like this cos it means you can raise the stakes and show hand.

Mum and Cherrie watching the fireworks show..

The men do the honors. Once upon a time, I would want to join in. But now, that time has passed. Might as well leave the job to the guys.

My job now is to take photos. Of everything and everyone, and of myself.

Haha. Vain much. This was on the first day of CNY. 

I love this dress I bought from Supre, the online website. Its an asymmetrical dress and it sort of billows behind me as I walk around the house. Very attention grabbing definitely.

Cs and Winnie.. After looking through my album, I realized I didn't get a single photo of dad. No doubt he was busy serving the guests or sleeping when we took these photos.

These photos were taken during a break from the guests arrival. As usual, on the first day we open house and everyone is busy serving or entertaining. Busy busy day.

Everyone in bright colors on the first day. Its supposed to be bad (unlucky) to wear dark colors and especially no black. Older people would mind, and I have been drilled in on this for years so I also know better than to wear dark colors on CNY now.

Just to show what the dress looks like. I have ordered some more clothes from Supre another time around and I love all of the clothes again! The material and quality is good. The size is right and fits perfectly. I am apparently an XS on Supre. In case anyone else is interested in buying too.


CNY post done. I can finally start my Taiwan post. :)

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