Friday, 31 August 2012

How I eat my coleslaw

Before..this was before. Now, I try to the coleslaw without ketchup.

Looks gross, I know. Especially after you mix it up. But it tastes good!!

The first time I did this to my KFC coleslaw,

Cs thought I was playing with my food...until I put it into my mouth.

If I remember correctly, his mouth dropped open a little..

Until I asked him to try it too.

Hahaha now he's used to it, but I am trying to eat it without the ketchup now.

Just felt like sharing that today.

No idea why.

Btw, Happy Merdeka! Holiday today. To non-Malaysians, it is our Independence Day today. And also next month on Sept 16. Yea, we get two days.

Lazy to explain. Google it folks.


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