Thursday, 23 August 2012

Updates x100

So, I don't feel like talking about Bangkok today. I keep wanting to update my blog but always too tired in the end. 

Raya break is over and done with. I spent most of the raya holidays at my parent's house, eating, chilling, drinking. Talking about Taiwan, eating Jello (Winnie has been on a jello making spree - she nailed it. Got the perfect blend of vodka and water already), drinking, and eating some more.

Which is why I have been working out these few days again. Came back from work, cooked dinner, made tomorrow's lunch, changed and went on the treadmill. After an hour, while waiting for my sweat to dry, I put on some music and decided to dance some more. 

Finally showered and came to sit in front of my laptop - trying to collect my thoughts now. Too soon, it is 9:36 pm. Bedtime soon. Where has the time gone??


Anyway. Some photos from recent events. Err..not so recent actually. A bit outdated. This was at Rainforest Music Festival, back in July. Before Bangkok. 

Cherrie! Just because she's so clean, fluffy, cute and everyone should awww at this photo! :D

We went for steamboat at my parents place. Daddy's fav way of eating. Not mine.. Got salmon sashimi though, so I am somewhat placated. Heh.

DIY-ed my own hair. Worked out ok! Much better than Liese bubble hair dye! Good choice- in case anyone else is interested. Somehow, I feel like my hair is softer. And colour is good. Photos you ask? Wait I haven't taken any photos yet. Maybe this weekend!

I like white wine. Much more than red. Especially when its sweet. And very affordable. RM 52.50 at Ta Kiong. Didn't buy it. Then, Cs found this bottle at home! Yay so I opened it without further ado. :)

Look at that face! Wanna squeeze the hell out of her! 

Look at her eyes. Its knowing. Like Tyra always says: speak with your eyes. Something like that haha America's Next Top Model? Anyone else watch it?

Got this shirt from Chatuchak market. Hahah Johnnie Walked! Geddit geddit?

For the non drinkers, heard of Johnnie Walker? Black label, blue label, green label? 

This is an um..unflattering photo of Winnie's best jello yet. Its blueberry and she put in seedless grapes in it. Nice!!

 Cs' new obsession is rubbing off on me. Well, not exactly new obsession. Just that I recently joined him in playing this basketball at the arcade. Heh just only realized how fun it is to try to beat the high score!

His record playing alone was about 375. Our record playing together was about 350. I know, I know. I dragged him down! Fook it.

And why do people insist on spelling his name with an A? Does no one else go to school (so mean)? Or read Bookworm (in primary school last time). Its EDISON. Adison is a girl's name. :(

One last artsy fartsy photo before I go. Carlsberg limited edition is good stuff. Soo smooth. Yum.

OK. Short update done. Sorry for the lack of narration but I really gotta go stare at something else other than a computer screen.

My eyes will thank me. 


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