Thursday, 2 August 2012

Grand Palace is Grand plus Maltese for SALE!!

So today I'm going to share some photos from the Grand Palace, Bangkok. We engaged a tour package for two full days and night. So, our tour guide, driver and van came to pick us up from the hotel.

It was soo worth it. So nice not to worry about looking for directions, whether we are going the right way or not, how to communicate etc.. Some more, our van was large and comfy! Could easily accommodate up to 8 people. 

Too bad our driver took till the last night to tell us our van came with a built in tv, and massaging seats!! =.= Ahh never mind. Tv would be Thai no doubt, and massaging seats didn't work for my seat either. Also, the constant movement would only make me car sick. So oh well. 

The back row of the van was totally unused. Can stretch out to sleep at the back also can. Awesome possum. Not that I did. Haha I fell asleep in my own seat. I think we all fell asleep at some point. The infamous Bangkok jams, the cool air conditioning, and the nonstop walking left us all tired. Plus we woke up early every morning and slept late. 

Anyway. Enough of the van. Moving on to Grand Palace.

They have a strict dress code. No shorts and no skirts above the knees. No sleeveless tops. Sandals are ok.
Applies for both men and women.

If you show up in either one of the prohibited items, boo hoo, have to go rent sarongs, pants, and button down shirts.. Winnie and I rented sarongs. Actually you only have to leave a deposit; the rental is free.

Matching sarongs and matching bags now. A lot of Chinese tourists showed up in long maxi dresses. Smart. Must be their tour guide told them. It was SO HOT that day. And you know how I am in the sun, right? I brought an umbrella, I shielded my face and fanned myself with the brochure, and I darted here and there out of the sun. So yea, suffice to say I wanted to get away asap!

Hahha...but you should go though. Grand Palace really is amazing. It was so grand and everywhere was glittering with gold. Magnificent buildings and structures. They also have a temple (or a few?) inside for you to pray. We did go in as well. Follow the locals and kneel down and bow. We copied how others prayed. 

It was early in the morning..about 10 am? But the place was packed with tourists!! A lot of tour groups came in buses so the place was crowded and noisy. Lucky that its huge, plenty of space to walk around and admire the buildings.

Grand eh? There are a lot of buildings inside and if you wanted to visit all of them, it could take up more time. We didn't though. It was too hot to properly enjoy them. But lucky it was such fine weather too lah. So imma quit whining about the heat. Heh. It only rained once when we were in Bangkok. And that was only a short, light rain when we were in Chatuchak.

Cs was the one taking most of the photos in my camera actually throughout the trip. :) Thank you.  The photos that are edited and have a frame on them are photos from my phone.

Hahaha I had my hand full with my umbrella and brochure what. And my phone. Plus it was hard to walk in the sarong. Don't know if I tied it too tight or wrong way or what but I had to take tiny steps. Grr..normally that should not be difficult, I know, but with hoards of tourists, you don't want to walk slowly and get pushed along. 

Nice shot of mummy.

Oh yes, this was at the temple inside the grounds I was talking about. After praying, we came out and saw all the other tourists taking the flower and dipping it into water, then touching it onto their arms.

 THEN, we realized you had to touch it to your head. THEN, we realized that we were dipping in the wrong plate all along. We were supposed to dip the flower in that big golden bowl, NOT the plate where mum and Winnie's hands were. That was supposed to be where you put the flower back. HAHA. Oh well. We had a good laugh at that.

Photos from my phone. Nice right?!

Mum, Cs and Jeffrey (our tour guide for the day). He speaks mandarin and some English to us when he can't find the mandarin words for it. His mandarin is not fluent but we still got along fine. Very nice guy and helpful. 

He explained about the history, architecture, the sights along the way, taught us some Thai words. Was patient with us, walking along with us, making small conversation. If you need a tour guide in Bangkok, I'll be happy to give you the email for them.

Both of us in the van on the way to Erawan Shrine at Siam Square area. 

I'll update more next time. In the mean time, I have an announcement to make!


7 Month Old Maltese FOR SALE!!!

We have an adorable, playful, loving and trusting Maltese for sale. She would be great as a companion dog and wonderful with kids. Also, bold and quick to sound the alarm in case of suspicious noises. She can mix well with other non-canine animals as well as with other dogs. We have had her checked at the vet and her shots are up to date. Do contact me for more details if interested. Thanks. Price RM 700. Negotiable.

She needs a loving home.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm so enjoy reading your Bangkok travel blog. I think that your guide is awesome! And I am planning to go to Bangkok so can you share with me the contact details of your guide, and his rates as well?

And he speak mandarin ?

Thank you so much for your help!

It is greatly appreciated =)

Best regards,

Amy said...

Hi Joanne,

Thanks. You can email Her name is Helen. She arranged the tour. :)

Anonymous said...

Tqvm ~~ have a nice weekend to you yo ;)