Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Route 66 at RCA, Bangkok

So one fine Saturday night, we went clubbing! We chose Route 66 at RCA. If you're a tourist, like us, either pressure your tour guide to go with you (like we did hahha let me explain later), or hop into the taxi and tell them RCA ka

Serious. That's what our tour guide did. She just said two words: RCA ka. The driver nodded and sped off. From Shukumvit (is that the correct spelling again?) it probably took only 5 mins? Very near by. 

Apparently, its a popular hangout. There are a few clubs at RCA and Route 66 is one of the bigger ones. Says Google. 

We arrived at about 9++ pm. Still early and not crowded yet. Good for us cos we could get a table easily. I forgot the entrance price. If I remember correctly, our tour guide didn't pay. Just us tourists. No fair.

Anyway. We didn't pressure our tour guide lah. We, and I mean me, just whined and whined and cajoled and whined some more, and she relented!! Hahaha she brought her friend along too. 

That's our tour guide on the left and her friend with mum. Thanks Sandy!! :)) She is awesome btw. Brought us there by taxi, and made sure we got a taxi to go back to the hotel at night. So awesome. Actually I didn't whine much too, she was quite happy to come along with us heh heh.

She just said that she has not been to RCA in years, and they would be the oldest there. I beg to differ. Mum is the oldest! Haha evil again. Ahem. Moving on. We just wanted to go experience what clubbing would be like in Bangkok.

The only difference was Thai songs. They also play English songs. No worries. The DJ speaks Thai. The waiters speak Thai. The menu is in Thai (no wait, sorry this was English obviously cos I ordered the alcohol). They also have a food menu too. I ordered some light snacks- see photo below.

But don't let me scare you. Even without our tour guide and her friend, we would have got along fine. Not that difficult. They happily explain in English to you what promo they have going on.

By they, I mean this girl below. She convinced us to order a whole bottle of vodka, mix with some apple cocktail. It was delish!!

Ehh Bangkok a lot of hot chicks lah. They are tall, slim, and fashionable. Makes us look bad. Our guide says that its because the ratio of women is much more of the men, so the women are pressured to look good. The men are already less, but then there also a lot of men turning into women. Da fuck! She has a point.

This was what we ordered. It was huge! It is not the normal bucket where they put in the beers, it is much bigger!! It took all 6 of us the whole night to finish it, and yet when we left at about 1am, there was still a little left.

There were apple slices inside. I'm curious though - why is it glow in the dark? 

If I am not mistaken, there were 3 dance floors inside RCA. We were at the one in front, with the live band. Man, I wish we walked around first before settling down. The room at the back seems far more entertaining. Good DJ and much more appropriate dancing music.

They have a section for you to check in on Facebook. That I did. :)

I have heard that their toilets are huge, so we went to check it out. It does not disappoint!! There are 3 main rooms for the toilet, chandeliers, sofas, tvs, and a lot of mirrors for girls to camwhore.

Ze toilet.

Still in the toilet..

Yep, still in the toilet..

This was the section I was talking about..the one where we should have gone. More dancing opportunities. Good music.

We left at about 1am. Walk out to the main roads and get accosted by plenty of taxi drivers on the way. Stop and ask the price. If too pricey, keep asking till you find one. Depends on how desperate you are eh.

Sandy was the one who found the taxi for us. Thanks again! 

All in all, it was a good night out, but we went home too early. I would go back if its with a bunch of friends. Good fun.


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