Friday, 24 August 2012

Safari World, Bangkok

Sunday was Safari World day! Actually it was divided into two sections: Safari World, where you sit in your car/van/bus and watch the animals roaming freely outside; and Marine Park, which is like a zoo that also comes with a lot of shows, such as orang utan show, sea lion show, elephant show etc.

Ticket price was about RM 90/THB 900. Including buffet lunch. If I am not mistaken. It was included together with our tour so I don't remember correctly already. Google it folks.

We went to Safari World first in our tour van from day 1. It was quite a nice experience. No need to walk around in the sun. Just sit inside in the air conditioning and can still take plenty of close up shots.

The animals were quite tame. Mostly eating, sitting, standing, sleeping or hiding from the sun. I shit you not. Most of the animals were in the shade! 

Ok, not this fella. Btw, did anyone read Xiaxue's post on the zoo she went to? She managed to snap a photo of the zebra's cock. Is it black or is it white? Is it striped or is it not? Haha it is black!! Read about it here.

Are those zebra stripes brown and white? Are mine eyes deceiving me? You know how people say that if you stay out in the sun too long, your black hair turns brown. Dark brown still lah but still brown. Don't know if its bull or not. But look! The zebra's stripes turned brown! 

Hahah unrelated and yes I am ignorant. Yes, I know there might be brown striped zebras or that there is a perfectly logical/scientific explanation. So, feel free to screw me for my ignorance. Shitty comments are better than no comments. No, I take it back. No comments are better than shitty comments. 

Look at how green that pond is!! Don't they clean it often enough? What's that? Algae or moss? Either one lazy to Google.

Rhinos are dirty and smelly but they are good photo objects. They just stand there eating while I take photo after photo. 

You need a shower yo!

That was how close we are to the rhino. Pretty cool actually. You could just park there and wait watching for as long as you like actually.

Obviously. Wouldn't want to fight to cross the road with the rhino now, would ya?

They separate the lions and tigers from the deer's, rhinos, birds. For obvious reasons.

Wish they didn't though cos it would be more fun to watch the tigers and lions catch their own food. Fun eh? Then we would have a better show to watch. Also the tigers and lions wouldn't grow lazy and depend on the zoo keepers for food right? Right? 

This bear reminded me of Kevin. For some reason. 

Just like how this woman reminded me of Winnie. For some reason. I'm sure Winnie thought so to, cos she insisted on a photo with her. Same pose some more. 

This was at the Marine Park already. Time to go watch the shows. 

Why is mummy so pretty? Prettier than me! $%^&#* 

Orang utan show was not bad. I liked the sea lion show the most. The orang utans were very well trained!! They could really understand their coaches. The shows were in Thai btw. Don't have to understand exactly what they were saying. You kinda get the gist still.

Soo many people at the sea lion show. People were walking around selling drinks, fans, ice creams and even beer!! I was kwai though - only had ice cream and water. /proud.

They even trained the walrus to clap their fins during feeding time! So kwai!

Elephant show was the only show where I felt like the animals were not very well treated. I don't know..just got the feeling that they were poor animals being forced to do those tricks.

The elephants "drew" those pictures. The trainer for the elephant on the left kept guiding the elephant's trunk to pat correctly. The elephant on the right was better though - needed almost no guidance at all. 

Those paintings cost 500 baht each. RM 50. 

We left halfway though out the show though.

Pure white fishes grew very large actually. Actually a lot of the fishes we saw at the zoo were all quite big. Doesn't show in the photo though. 

Obligatory shot of my hippopotamus husband.

So attractive.

After that we went for the buffet lunch that was included in the ticket price. It was SO NOT WORTH IT!!!

But it was included in the ticket price so I shall tone down my complaints.

First up, there were a lot of people in that HUGE dining hall. Everyone was hungry and most of the plates were EMPTY. Those not empty were messy, spilled here and there, and most of all, YUCK.

But then again, its FREE. Sort of.

Sorry for the caps but I had to err..explain.

Don't know if I posted this photo already or not..but I just wanted to end this post with love, and not angst.

OK bye.

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