Monday, 13 August 2012

It's my birthday today!!

Because my birthday falls on a Monday, I spent the past few days and nights celebrating my birthday. As a result, on the day of (which is just starting btw), I am all birthday-ed out. Haha..

No such word as birthday-ed out is there? Don't care, its my birthday!

Heheh that has been my staple phrase all weekend by the way. "It's my birthday!" Best line ever. Only to Cs though. :) I still have about 23 hours of using it till next year. :D

 These were my birthday nails from Winnie. They are stickers and you have to file and cut off the excess. Looks like a lot of work actually. But lucky me. I have Winnie cos its my birthday! :) Ok lah to be fair, she did do manicures for me before too. And pedicures. And pluck my eyebrows. Thanks yao!

That photo in wedding parties/anniversaries is starring Cs and I. We be famous after that. Hahah. Quite a lot of people have mentioned that to us already by now. We still haven't been to see it yet though. And no, we can't sue or anything because the photo rights belong to Hollywood Bridal anyway. Oh well. 

On the bright side, it means people actually think its a good photo right, that's why they chose it. I mean, Hollywood should have plenty of brides to choose from as well as real models, but they chose plain ol me. Yay! Or nay?

Btw, while we were taking photos on the cruise that day, plenty of other people were taking photos of us. No asking permission at all. Or respecting our privacy. Nada! As our photographer was directing us on our posing, everyone else took photos. Actually I didn't mind lah cos we were happy that day. Only very embarrassing cos kissing/hugging in public is bad enough, but to be in the spotlight (pun) is worse.

This is the only photo I have from my birthday weekend. All other photos are in Winnie's phone. That woman better hurry up and send them to me. 

Till I have the other photos, then I blog about my weekend. Actually, I don't feel that much excited about my birthday this year. I feel more settled. I care about different things now. Other things make me excited now, instead of thinking of birthday presents, and how and where to celebrate.

Even my birthday wish is different this year. One year, I wished so hard to be happy, just be happy. This year, I feel like I have everything I want already. I have my family, I have a husband who loves me, family in laws who treat me well and are so casual (seriously I'm so thankful).

But I think what matters most is how I feel now. I feel so lucky. I may not be able to go on Euro trips yet, or have a fancy car, but I'm thankful with what I have now. I already feel loved and so blessed.

So thank you to all of you who made me feel this way.

Happy birthday to me!!

Some photos to make the post less boring. Awesome parents on daddy's birthday.

Best husband ever! Every woman probably thinks her husband is the best anyway. Heh. Do men think that way too? Or are Megan Fox, Gisele Bundchen and Jessica Alba types the best only? Hahah curious.

Best sister ever too! :D

And photos of me cos its my birthday!! :D

OK night!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amy! - What about your brother? :)

Amy said...

thanks! My brother is fine, thx for asking. :)