Thursday, 16 August 2012

Continuation of Bangkok day 2

OK. My birthday is over and done with for another year. No more excuses to not update my blog, cook dinner or to work on my treadmill. =.= Yah, I'm serious. I have been seriously slacking these past few weeks days.

Anyhoo! Its back to regular programming for now.

So, these photos are still from the second day of Bangkok. I knew it mi, knew it! Its almost a month after the trip and I'm still on the 2nd day! Do you realize i like to talk/scold myself on my blog. Zzz..I should stop doing that. Gets confusing mi.

Moving on. Moving on. After Grand Palace, we left to take a boat/sampan to cross the river. It was all pre-arranged and included in our tour. We wanted the full tourist experience. Almost. Kind of.

Jeffrey (our guide) led the way from Grand Palace, past the markets and back roads to reach this jetty. Sort of. No, wait actually it was just a small wobbly platform. Kinda scary but also so cool cos it was fun and a new experience.

 Mummy and I waiting for the boat to arrive.

Dunno got crocs in the river or not hahah. No lah but there was a lot of big fishes though. 

This photo does not do it justice really. Those are very big fishes. Like those you go out to sea to catch. Apparently our guide Jeffrey said that because its close to the temple compounds, people are not allowed to catch/kill them. So they grow bigger and bigger. I forgot the name of those fishes. Jeffrey mentioned it. Batin, I think.

When mum heard, she said something along the lines of: wahhh your dad would be so happy to see this. The market sells them for how much per kg etc etc..

Matching t-shirts!

Finally on the boat!! Winnie and mum got the pleasant seat of sitting in front, where the spray is more! Hahah I'm referring to the dirty river water. As the boat speeds along, the water splashes all over. I tried to take photos but was so afraid my phone or camera got wet, so these are all I dared to take. 

Got to say again: it was such a good experience. We were sitting very low in the boat, and it was speeding along so fast. You could see the fishes jumping up and down beside the boat, and the view was awesome too. 

Nice view above eh? Photo edited with my phone.

We arrived at our destination, which was Wat Arun. Correct me if I'm wrong. I had to check back to emails sent back and forth with our tour guide to confirm. We didn't go in anyway. None of us wanted to walk up soo many steps in the heat.

Cs has already been there before with his family. And us three girls were lazy. It was so hot and we were already sweating buckets by then. 

So we stayed outside to have some coconut juice! Best choice ever. Why climb steps when there are cool, fresh coconuts for only 20 baht? Pfft.

Winnie and I also decided to rent some costumes to wear and pose around. Mum initially said no. But after she saw us both dressed up, she joined in the fun as well hahaha..

Btw, it was all just long pieces of cloth and they pin everything into place.

Tadah! Changed into this!

Mummy's bright blue looks good I think. Very striking.

We suck at posing. All we do are try to attack each other with them nails. Hahahh idiots. Cs, who was taking our photos laughed and said that our poses all the same. Me strangling Winnie or Winnie attacking me. was good fun!

Finally proper photo of us three. Glad that we did this then. Really good memories looking back now. 

Those nails would come in very handy in a fight. Come to think of it, the necklace, hat and the belt too.

Cs has himself a Thai wife. Hahah poor thing carrying all our bags in addition to his own.

Last one before we go.

We took another boat. Bigger one this time, with proper roof. I think we are going to look for our van and driver. He drove to meet us at our destination. 

Happy us on holiday. 

Mum and Winnie were too lazy to bring out an umbrella. When we were packing for Bangkok, they wanted to bring an umbrella each. I convinced them to take one umbrella to share between them. When they arrived in Bangkok, both didn't bring their umbrella out pun. 

I did cos the freak inside says so. I know what you're thinking. When you say you, you mean Cs, not you, right? But noo, it was me!! Confused yet?

Winnie brought her trusty fan though. That was wise. Btw, those fans are on sale thorough out Bangkok. Easily available for those who want them.

Our next destination was Erawan Shrine, or also known as the Four Faced Buddha. This shrine is apparently famous. A lot of HK stars come to pray here, because the Four Faced Buddha will make your wishes come true! Just Google it and watch the results that come out. I did my research before going and decided that if we were going to pray, this was the one to go!

This was the only photo I managed to take. As you reach the place, there will be stalls selling flowers and joss sticks. When you arrive, the place will likely be crowded, and people praying, kneeling on the floor. There are also people singing/chanting to the music.

First thing to do was buy the candles, joss sticks and flowers. I forgot how much they cost. Not pricey, don't worry. Then copy the locals. We apparently had to pray to each Face, and put the candles, joss sticks and candles on each side. Just mimic the locals, can't go wrong eh.

After that, our guide dropped us off at Siam Paragon! We went there for lunch at the food court. Slightly more pricey than at Terminal 21. Had awesome takoyaki. Basically just fried/grilled octopus inside. Very nice.

After Siam Paragon, we walked to Central World. The shopping centers are all quite near to each other, within walking distance! Our driver left and came to pick us up later in the evening.

Winnie had to take picture with the sign. So there you go yao.

Tuk tuk. Really tempted to take a trip but heard too many stories about how they rip off tourists. there were four of us so can't fit into a tuk tuk too.

We went to Platinum mall to shop. Platinum mall is a wholesale mall selling mainly clothes, clothes and more clothes. Girls should definitely visit. Not much guys stuff. 

Spent a long time at this accessories stall. Bought a bracelet and anklet. Happy me. Mum and Winnie also bought necklaces, bracelets and anklets. 

If you buy more, can haggle. If buy 2 or more things, you should be able to get wholesale price. Just keep haggling whatever you do.

Later our driver came to pick us up and brought us over to Baiyoke Sky Hotel, which if I'm not mistaken, is Bangkok's tallest building. 

We went there for the buffet and enjoy the view. Price was ok, quite reasonable. About RM 70? I don't remember, don't ask me. They have birds nest soup. Look that bowl below. No idea how much birds nest is inside, but it was yum all the same. 

Winnie's plate of desserts that looks good but tastes horrible. Looks can be so deceiving eh?

We were rushing to leave soon after so I couldn't wait till dark to take a proper photo of the view boo. So had to settle for taking photo of the lift. Da fuck?! But look at how they skip some numbers.

Had to take 2 lifts to the top floor. 

I managed to take a sunset photo from the 77th floor. Nice view. Would look better at night though, me thinks.

And that's all for now. Update more next time. We were rushing off to watch ah gua show. Gasp!! Ah gua is ladyboy show. You know they're men, but they are gorgeous! Show you photos next time!


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