Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A gift of life

So, I just registered online to donate my organs after I die. Do it too. Don't need to hesitate. There are so many more pros than cons. I read about it first from KY. Thanks!

Pros: Save live(s). Plurals. Can save/change many lives with your heart, liver, skin, eyes, etc. What are you going to do with them after you die anyway? Leave it in the coffin to rot ah.

Cons: Some superstituous belief cos your grandma/parents don't like it.

There is a lot more I want to say but I'm in the office now yikes. So yea.

Register online here.

They will send you a confirmation email, and you fill in your particulars then wait for the card. And that's it.

To tell the truth, I have wanted to do this ever since I watched Grey's Anatomy years ago.

In the series, it is always hard for the doctors to convince the dying patient's relatives to donate organs. So, be sure to discuss this with your family before doing this.

Or do it like me. I didn't tell my parents haha. Told my husband though. That should be good enough. :)

Go register! Now! Go!


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Amy said...

Hello! Yay! :)