Saturday, 18 August 2012

Lady boy show in Bangkok

We went to watch a ladyboy show. Actually the show I wanted was Calypso Ladyboy Show, but our guide arranged this for us. Golden Dome Cabaret Show. I don't know what the difference is, but oh well a show is a show.

There were a lot of tourists there. I'm betting the tours all get commissions to bring tourists here. Ahh oh well I thought the show was not bad. Entertaining to watch the ladyboys. They lip sync to the songs, but its ok. We didn't come to a concert.

They look so hot. Their long, sleek legs, gorgeous faces and pretty costumes. Can't believe they were men.

All wearing skimpy costumes. Very entertaining! Some are really hot...

And some..not so much..

Look at her sweet! Bet she can cheat all the guys.

This one looks so gorgeous man! I didn't get a proper photo but look, even in a slightly blur photo, she's hot! 

This one..she/he came rushing out and started pulling guys to her tits. One guy got dragged up on stage and she made him kiss her cheek. But at the last second, she turned and he kissed her on the lips. The guy actually turned to wipe off his lips straightaway. Hahha can't blame him really. 

Then, she came down from the stage and started looking for more targets. She was targeting this guy in front of me, but for some (strange) reason, his gf kept protecting him from her tits. Weird. I would let Cs kiss her on the lips. HAHA!

This girl below was one of Winnie's favorites. She's pretty and a really good dancer.

I was mesmerized by this one below on the left. For some reason, I think she looks really natural. She came down the stage and shook Cs' hands, without sparing a glance in my direction. Ha!

But this one below was my favourite of the night. She kept winking and smiling at everyone! She and four other girls were performing to Wonder Girls - Nobody. Wow, do they look the part! Every inch like the Korean girl group.

After the show, we left and poor Cs got dragged over to take photos with them. I didn't expect them to be so tall!

If you look carefully, his hands are resting on her boobs hahaha, and his face was much redder in real life! 

We (Jeffrey, Winnie, mum and I) were walking in front and Cs was left walking alone behind. That was when he got pulled into their arms. Poor guy.

Oh well. At least he got the prettier ones. Hahah..

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