Saturday, 28 July 2012

Behind blue eyes

Listening to How Could An Angel Break My Heart by Toni Braxton now. Why is her voice soothing? Why is my voice not like that hahaha.

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I used to think that one of my cousins looked like Toni Braxton. Only problem is he's a guy. When I tell my siblings, they all go WTF? To my eyes what!

Haven't heard this song in ages Mei You Ren by Zheng bao yi/ah bao/Bowie Tseng.

I like the rhythm of the song as well as the meaning. Basically it starts like this. Lemme try to translate the lyrics. Which reminds me, Mary asked me to translate a song for me. Damn what song was it again?!

Back to topic. Mei you ren (No one).

I asked you: who did you meet recently? Your silence already answered me. No one, you told me no one.

Bah this is harder than I thought. Basically this guy kept saying no one, even though certain things betray him.  Such as, missing dates, waiting for phone call seemingly from no one, different songs in the car that the two of them don't like. And he still says no one. And I like one phrase when she says: send my regards to no one.

You get my gist, right? I'll take your silence for a yes. :)

When I listen to music, I tend to turn the music way too loud, to tune out the world. I do that at home, in front of my laptop, on my ipod, and in the office. Yes, my poor ears. I do get the occasional buzz in my ear at times and I am not yet 30! The horror but ahh well. I seldom do this nowadays. Really!! Only on special occasions. Like now.

Also listening to Rhythm of the Rain by the Cascades.

Lyrics are rubbish. But so soothing to me right now. Ever since I heard this song in Taiwan, I kinda got hooked to it. It was winter, on one of the coldest day ever, I was happily strolling along with Cs in a non-English speaking country when this song came on. I stopped and stared. And somehow that song got stuck in my head.

I associate this song with that scene above. Happy. So now, I listen to it to cheer me up. Works you know!

I talked about it before here. *click*

I think most people haven't heard this song before but I love it. Bu Zhi De by Dreamz fm.

Simple lyrics but rhythm makes it outstanding. Dreamz fm are a Singaporean band, I think. I tried to Google years ago when I came across this song. Listen to it and tell me what you think?

I had the lyrics all written out years ago but its gone by now. Something along the lines of: besides thinking of you, loving you, I would do anything. Open my diary and organize my feelings, I really want to let go. You never loved me, keep playing with my feelings. I really don't have the energy to continue, this relationship is not worth it for me to go on. You get my gist again. Bu zhi de means not worth it.

But their voice and the melody! One of my fav songs ever!

Unlike rhythm of the rain, bu zhi de used to make me feel sad but still soothing. Now, it makes me feel peaceful. I don't know about you but to me, I have a story behind the songs I like. There is a story but it is not for now. Maybe over a few glasses of wine, I will tell you. :)

But now, I feel at peace. No wine with me, but I do have a Fosters beside me. Half full. (Optimist!)

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