Sunday, 8 July 2012

More drinking..

I can't believe Kitty is still in these photos. She went back to Nottingham last week or was it last last week. Well damn. I got to update more during the week.

I tried. But my week days have been quite tiring these days too. No complaints there. But my health. Gotta get more sleep. Mum just said my eye bags are scary. =.= Bad news.

Anyway. Moving on. This was at Space err..the past few weekends. Music was good as usual and very crowded. Beer bucket costs RM 55 for 5 bottles. Think we had too much quite a lot to drink that night. :X

Kitty, me, Winnie and Cyn. I forgot a lot of the details already by now.

Everyone was very happy that night..if I remember correctly, the night ended with the group of us at lok lok and me conversing in Cantonese to this guy I just met (one of Benz's friends) like best buds. What?! 

We went to Senso (at Hilton) for free drinks on Thurday night. Free cocktails from 9 to 11. Service sucks the last time we went though. They took ages to refill our drinks and the drinks damn light some more. Blue lagoon. Not nice.

I know its free. Yes, but surely establishments offer free drinks to "pull" ladies/customers into the pubs right? So why are you pissed that we are having free drinks? Jeez man. Like we owe you money like that. Come let's boo sama dia again. No thanks Senso, we can afford to pay but at that service, no thanks. 

Back to Space that night. Ying, Crystal, me and Vero. Note the photo quality. Obviously this photo is taken with my phone. 

Oh yeah looking back at these photos, we had champagne that night too. Yes please! :) It was finished very quickly - can you blame us? Hahah but seriously one glass each and it was gone. 

By the time I arrived at the pub after a wedding dinner, it was already about 1030pm. On the table were some beer bottles and a bottle of black label. As the night wore on, more beer buckets came (about 10?- I don't remember) and a bottle of Swing and this bottle of champagne.

So yea. When they opened the lights, I don't remember already. I mean, it makes no difference if the lights were on to me then. Same same and we went to lok lok some more. Hahah where I conversed in Cantonese lol. Lihai.

As you can tell, I have some very fond memories of that night. One of the best nights out in a looong time. Best part was no hangover the next day. Must be cos I ate during the dinner and then tapau-ed nuggets at Mcd. That's why. 

Very important to eat before drinking. Your body will thank you the next day. During my wedding, everyone was trying to force my dad to drink one go. He didn't even eat much. But luckily he had a Colonel burger (from KFC) before the dinner that's why he didn't get drunk during the dinner. Same lah daddy- by the end of the night, he didn't remember most things already.

Most people don't know this but we continued partying in the hall till past midnight, drinking and dancing. About 50 of us. It was awesome! :D 

I don't like my hair now. So alang alang. Not short enough, not long enough. Neither here nor there. Capish? Had to give a few explanations. Heh.

Fatty is sooo cute. And so clean. And so furry. And so bad. And so spoilt. But cute mostly.

We are all biased when we come to our pets, no?

Winnie and Kah Ling flaunting their high low dresses. Should have worn mine out too. Next time we runding first beforehand lah ladies.

Because I like my dress. And my skin. And make up. And my modesty. Not my smile though. So half arsed.

Coincidentally what I wore out tonight too. This was from ama's birthday. Sheet so long ago?

I. must. update. my. blog. more!!

Bye. For now.

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