Monday, 16 July 2012

Some updates of life these days

Some random photos about my life these days. This was at the fun fair at MJC. Pretty sure the fair is still there. The usual stuff: games stalls, food stalls and a stage for karaoke. Its right opposite to Cs' office so its noisy at night but entertaining lah. This was after work one night, we went across the road to walk walk see see.

I made bruschetta one fine day. I always loved bruschetta and will order them when we go to Bella Italia. So I decided to google the recipe and make my own. It was really easy!

I used four tomatoes. Slice an "X" on the top of the tomatoes before you blanch the tomatoes in boiling water. The skin will fall off and make your life easier. Then cut up the tomatoes, however big or small you like it. I mashed them up pretty much. 

Then, fry some garlic in olive oil and mix them up with the tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Then mix in basil if you have them. I didn't so used my mixed herbs - worked out fine.

I used a whole loaf of french bread for my 4 tomatoes. So cheap this recipe and tastes good. :) Happy me.

This was a date night at Spring. Went to watch the Amazing Spider Man. I like Andrew Garfield more than Tobey Maguire. Cute. I think I'm in love. Hahah typical me. 

Winnie was right, I fall in love with the characters. Watching Prince of Persia, I fell in love with Dastan, watching New Police Story and I fell in love with Joe Kwan. And so on and so forth.

There was a period of time when I was lusting over Daniel wu aka Joe Kwan in New Police Story and I had Cs change my name in his phone to Joe Kwan hahah. This was long long ago when we were still friends. He still takes out this story to use on me. Hmph. 

When the waiter brought over my muffin, I look at it bemused. Does it not look like someone took a bite out of it? Hahaha but we were starving so just ate it anyway.

One night when friends came over for a swim. Hahah kicked Cs' butt! Wife 1: Husband 0

One day when he came to look for me during lunch time. Wanted to go to Sushi King but forgot that they have the RM 2 bonanza going on. Friggin long queue so went to Full house instead. 

Pumpkin soup, dory fish and mashed potatoes. Both nice but a bit too salty I think. This set costs about RM 12.50 (me thinks). 

Watching the world go by with little princess. Dogs all love the outdoors. Sometimes I wonder what its like from down below. I feel like laying belly down on the floor too to see what its like from her perspective. Can see outside the gate kah? Hahah..

One night when Winnie and I were bored, we decided to make Jello with vodka. :X We made it this time! 1.5 cup of hot water and 1/2 cup of vodka makes the perfect dessert. Definitely much easier to eat this time.

Had maggi cup goreng in the office. Don't think I'll have it again - too much hassle to add hot water then wait 3 minutes and remove the hot water. Cut open all the packets at the sink and mix together. Why do that when I can have normal maggi mee, just add hot water. Why mi why? Oh yea cos Cs bought this and I stole it and brought to the office. :X

Still tastes good though.

Because its daddy's birthday July 13. I'll post photos another time. That is a post on its own because the world's best dad deserves a post! :)

Every year dad's office buys a cake for dad and its always the same words Happy Birthday Boss! Wonder if they dare to put dad's nickname here or not. Heheh maybe I should suggest to Kev. 

OK enough for tonite. Bye.

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