Friday, 27 July 2012

Soi Cowboy vs Bangla Road

Its amazing. Two posts in two consecutive days. Gasp! What happened to me? Heh too bored. Nothing to do. Finished all my books and no new movies to watch. Plus I figured the sooner I update, the more things I still remember.

Better than when I update weeks later, and all I type is I forgot this and that. Annoying even to myself. :X Hehee so without further ado.

Street foods along Soi Cowboy.
From WikipediaSoi Cowboy is a red-light district in BangkokThailand. A short (400 meter long) street with some 40 bars, it is similar to Nana Plaza and Patpong and caters mainly to tourists and expatriates.

To tell the truth, Soi Cowboy was quite disappointing. I expected more like Bangla Road in Phuket. Soi Cowboy is a shorter street and less dancing girls on poles. Instead you get totally buck naked girls as soon as you walk in to the pub. They are dancing and performing at the same time. 

The first night, we didn't expect to see such things. I thought at least they had their clothes on, but when we walked in, it was tits galore. Ah well got bored of it quickly after they took off their clothes. We changed pub after that to Suzie Wong. 

It was more interesting..more live shows. Girls pulling things out of their pussies, including needles. OMG needles you hear?! Its true they are needles. After they pulled them out, they started poking balloons to burst them to prove that they ARE needles. Zomg. And then several girls licking each other on stage at the same time and a guy performing some fire show. 

Mummy stayed to watch with us heheh sporting eh. But she didn't want us to go the second night though. Oh well. At least we saw everything.

Ooh look that's Suzie Wong, the pub we saw those shows above.

This was before we went to watch the live shows. We chose a "normal" looking sports bar to drink during Happy Hour. Cheap! 4 bottles of Chang costs 300 baht or RM 30. When we went into Suzie Wong, a bottle of Chang costs about 160 baht (if I am not mistaken). They say you must all order one bottle each, but nobody's stopping us from drinking super slow.

So yea. Drink during Happy Hour before going to watch the shows. Actually those live show pubs should have happy hour promos too. But in case you wanna stay outside to watch ang mo's groping girls in public, you should stay outside to people watch. Very entertaining as well. Ha!

We saw a guy selling this and bought one each lol. Speaking of, where is mine? Must be with Winnie. Wondering would I actually wear this in Kuching? Haha. I'll try this Saturday, beng as it may be.

I thought that these eggs were kinda different so bought some to try. I thought they would peel the eggs for us. I assumed wrong on both counts. These are just hard boiled eggs barbecued. And unlike normal eggs, they have no yolk! Nooo..I love the yolk! Fcuk cholesterol. And I hate peeling egg shells! Complaints aside, actually tastes not bad. :)

Also saw these bugs for sale so bought some for our supper!! Always wanted to try them.

Winnie and I happily sampling frogs and grasshoppers! Mini frogs and giant grasshoppers.

Frogs definitely tastes better. In fact we finished the whole packet! Haha. Grasshopper not that nice plus they have huge eyes staring at me (I feel them!!), so we didn't finish it. 

Closer look.

I like that they provide these holders for the beer bottles. I'm the type who always use tissue to wrap my beer bottle cos I don't like water dripping all over. So yea. 

We bought two of this in Phuket btw, and I have no idea where it is now. I have to stop buying things I don't use. Grr..I seldom buy beer bottles at home what.

Winnie's tattoo looks kinda realistic eh. Not really cos can see the line on the sleeve but the wild hair, expression and black and white photo works for her. Nice!

Oh yea, this is what greets us on our table every morning. The first morning, I asked for boiled and thought they would peel the eggs for me again but nooo... lesson learned. Fav was scrambled. Chicken sausage is good; pork tasteless. Bacon is bacon, and ham is yum. HAHA sorry I suck at explaining don't I?

They also provide fruit juice, coffee and tea as well as a selection of croissants, breads, muffins, cereal, fruits, kuay tiaw, porridge, yoghurt for you every morning. 

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. No matter how early it is or how many people are staring. Yes, I amaze myself sometimes. thick skinned.

OK bye.

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