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Bangla Street Madness

I sit here trying to recall my memories of Bangla road and its surrounding streets.. Its not that its hard to forget. The opposite really. Its literally quite impossible to forget the atmosphere there. But the reality is so different than in Kuching, where I am now, that it takes a while to recollect my memories.

Looking at the photos I have taken helps. Looking at the videos help even more..
So here we go.

A walk down Bangla Road, from my perspective.

Start with a photo of us first. The lights make us look freakish!

Coming from dinner, I walk pass a club with thumping bass beats, and look over at the glass window on my right side. Immediately, I take a second take look again!

What I thought was a statue was actually a hot chick dressed in a very flimsy nurse costume on a rotating platform, and she is shaking her ass at me. Without further ado, I pulled Cs in.

This is Taipan club. That girl really was the bait. To pull customers in.

There were live performances. The singers were really good. But it was quite boring to say the least. It was still early though. Only about 9pm by then. After our first round of beer, we left to check out the other beer bars, look for more lady boys, and find a more happening place.

Btw, Taipan is not actually on Bangla Road, its directly opposite, at the junctions, and hard to miss really.

Walking down Bangla Road, you quickly get used to people coming up to you to pull you in to their pubs/clubs/ping pong show/agogo shows.

What you see walking down the street, with crowds of tourists everywhere. Some standing and staring, some whipping out a camera to take photos (like me!)

One of the clothing stalls by the side of the road. There are plenty of stalls like these throughout that street and Phuket really. All selling more of less the same dresses. For more or less the same prices.

As you walk down Bangla road, many people will come up to you and show you menus for the ping pong/agogo shows, featuring ping pong balls, balloons, chopsticks, beer bottles and so on and so forth.

After being hassled non stop, and after a few beers on the second night, we decided to follow a guy in to one of the pubs. It was a small, round enclosed space, where there are many girls on the stage, still clothed in a bra and short pants (I might add), and surrounding them are the patrons.

Perhaps it was the small room, or the enclosed space, or the person who brought me in; he was too pushy so much that it felt almost dodgy to me. He said it was free entrance, but I had no idea if we had to pay outrageous amounts to watch the show or what or how much the drinks would cost.

I should have done my research properly before going into such a place, but I was curious. We both were. I wanted to see the ping pong shows. And chopsticks?? /ouch. But alas, we decided to back away. And settle in proper beer bars to watch the show in front of us.


When I came back to Kuching, I went to Google for more information. Apparently it should be quite safe. They really don't charge entrance fees, you just pay for your drinks, and they should be the average price as the other pubs. Grrr...

Moving on.

It was still an eye opening experience for us definitely. These girls/ladyboys (we had fun trying to guess which were real girls, and which were ladyboys) were definitely entertaining.

They were all dressed very little. Some had really good dance moves, really sexy and hot, and some had room to improve.

We were there on a Friday and Saturday night. The crowd definitely swells on a Saturday, the later it got, the girls wore less, and the crowd more rowdy. Also, the girls disappear as fast as they come on it seems. Hahaa..

It didn’t feel unsafe or too rowdy for me though. Still relatively safe for us tourists.

What I meant about girls disappearing. Allow me to explain. After walking up and down Bangla road, we settled in one that had quite a lot of ladies dancing. They seem to rotate about once every 15- 20 mins. I noticed that they kept looking at the clock so I kept count with them too.

Hahah what else to do ah besides watching them, analyzing their bodies, their faces, and dance moves. And ooohh most of all watching how they hit on the guys. And how some guys go up to them themselves.

One such girl, she was so occupied the entire night. Making the guys buy her a Lady Drink, and kissing, sitting on his lap, letting him squeeze her tits. After that group left, she targets another group.

Btw, those Lady Drinks are tequila shots. The Lady Drinks cost 200 Baht/ RM 20 each. On the menu, each tequila shot is priced at 70 Baht only. So I suppose the ladies get the money or what I don't know.

I bought this girl here a Lady Drink. For fun. Or, I should say, Cs bought. But the girl looked into my eyes, and asked me to buy her a drink. Hehee. So I did.

This girl kept smiling at me, and I smiled back. She was a good dancer, and I liked her. In the sense that she’s not one of those who make/almost force the guys to buy her a drink. So after her tequila shot, she came to sit with us and talked with me.

 I forgot her name. Thai names are so hard to remember. De nang, or something like that. She’s only 22. She played this game with Cs, I forgot the name.
I went to Google it. Its called Connect Four. Basically you win when you connect four of the same colour.

I took this from a website I came across just now:
Be wary if a girl wants to bet on one of these games; they have little else to do during the day time and spend lots of time practicing. The day you beat a bar girl at connect four you've been in Patong way too long.
But I’m so proud of Cs. He did beat her. They played two games. She won the first, and he won the second! That smart ass.

When he won, she was startled for a moment, then started nodding and smiling, and saying something in Thai. Which we couldn’t understand. Probably saying the same thing as me, but in Thai.

But after that she had to go back to dance, so I didn’t talk to her again. From what I learnt from her, her shift starts at 9 pm and continues till 3am. Wow that’s long. They should all have six packs by now.

Another of the games they play is JENGA!! Only different from how we play it. My God look how high that went!!

Pussycat dolls!

Oh yea, remember I said that on Saturday night particularly, the girls disappear really quickly. I mean that they go off with men/customers very fast. I witnessed two such incidents.

The first one, all I saw was that two of the girls were drinking their Lady Drinks. Some five minutes later, they are dressed and have grabbed their bags (which was conveniently located just at the counter), and left to the back alley with two men.

The other one, I saw from start to finish. It all started with this guy below.

First, he just sat there admiring the girl dancing right above him. When she looked down, he stroked her legs.

When she smiled down at him, he licked her legs. She continued to smile and danced erotically for him.

Then I watched (damn kepo I know, but so was everyone else in the vicinity ok) as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a 100 or 1000 baht note (they look very similar), and used his mouth/ teeth to hand to her. She took it in the same way too.

By this time, her moves got more and more erotic, she spread her legs for him and allowed him to kiss her pussy. I really had to look away by then. Hahaaa..

When I looked back, her time was up, it was another round of dancers. She went down to join him. After he bought her a Lady Drink, and some negotiations, less that 5 minutes later, she grabbed on a shirt and her hand bag, and off they go hand in hand again. Whew.

Now he's spanking her ass.

And no, I wasn't deliberately taking photos of them. Ok, maybe a little. I was taking photos the whole night anyway of anything and everything.

It was definitely entertaining. You just sit there watching the world go by.

Love those heels.

However, novelty wore on soon enough. The first night, Cs and I watched with wide eyes and some apprehension. The second night, we got more used to it.

While I continued to watch the people, Cs took to watching the wrestling match on tv after some time, until some particularly hot chick showed up, or when I nudged him when something more unusual was happening.

Said hot chick below showed up and took Cs’ attention away perfectly. I don’t blame him. Hahah everyone was staring the moment she went up, including me. Another lady told me she’s Russian, and she loves to dance. Apparently she’s from one of the other bars there, not this one.

I think she is definitely related to Cameron Diaz. Look at that face!

Now look at her body. Those legs. Look at those ass! I can't help staring even though I'm female and straight.

That guy has a good view! He was sharing our table btw. He had just arrived when Cameron Diaz showed up. He left soon after she finished her dance, smiling and shaking his head slightly at us. Hehh..

Hahha I took this shot just in time. The girl on the right is covering her nose. 

But man, what a view. Cameron Diaz's bf showed up not long after with his buddies. He kept telling people, "that's my girl!!!" I don't blame him.


And I think that's enough photos for now. :)

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