Saturday, 31 December 2011

Cherrie time

Just because I don't want to end 2011 with that post below of Kevin and me insulting each other.

So I err..adjusted the date on this one and voila. This shall be my last post of 2011 :)

One of the best things we (the Simon family) ever did this year (wait was that last year - 2010 sheeeett time really flies) was to inherit a new pet. Cherrie has brought so much joy and laughter's to our life. She has made mum so much happier.

In the beginning, I was quite against my mum getting a new pet so soon after ah boi passed away. But I'm glad we did now. This little cutie, this little fatty warmed our hearts again. 
She's our little pampered princess. We love her to bits and unfortunately spoil her to bits too. Hehe but its okay.
Said little princess sleeps with my parents in their room because little princess is afraid of the dark. We put her in the kitchen but she looked so sad when we turn off the lights and left her alone. HAHA. Spoilt indeed.
 She is not dirty though if that's what you're thinking. Mum bathes her and cleans her with a wet cloth every night. Cherrie is also toilet trained literally. She runs off to the toilet when she needs to pee/shit. 

When she was still a puppy, we laid newspaper at different spots around the house so she can run to the nearest one to pee/shit. Puppies can't really hold in their pee/shit as long. When they wake up, they need to go. Immediately. 
But as she got older, we only put newspapers in the toilet, and she runs to the toilet when she needs to. So kwai right? :D So she really is not that bad. Quite easy to take care of. Mum or Eli cleans her up after she does her business every time. So she is clean.

 I don't know how I ended up talking so much about Cherrie but oh well. She makes me happy. I used to come home from work upset and cranky and to have a little ball of fluff jumping around you so happy to see you, it just makes my day! :D

 I miss that fatty even though I just saw her yesterday. :D

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