Thursday, 5 January 2012

Kuching floods: 05.01.2012

So, this my first official post of 2012. The beginning of the year was kinda sucky; I fell sick. Hate my tonsils, I really wanna cut them off. Grr. They give me sore throat which almost immediately brings on high fever which means its time to visit the doctor, because those drugs from pharmacies are always not strong enough. 

Mum brought me to her doctor, unlike any that I have ever been to. He gave me two shots after hearing my symptoms and alot of pills to take right in front of him. Two shots eyy!! TWO!! Big needles. The one in my ass hurts more that the one in my arm.

Ahh moving on. I'm almost back to normal already. Already healing. Still taking meds but I refuse to think of this as a bad beginning or whatever nonsense such as end of 2012 that a couple of retards keep talking about on FB. Wth?


Speaking of this, Kuching today was hit by floods so severe in several districts. I feel very fortunate that my housing area is fine. But the main roads are flooded. I couldn't get to work even if I had wanted to. It rained the whole day and night. Before I went to bed at night, it was already raining heavily.

In the middle of the night, I woke up several times because of the sounds of the rain. Heavy rain. We are lucky that we only need to check the ceilings for leaks, and not for signs of floods.

Everyone was getting updates on Facebook on which roads were flooded. All these photos are taken from Facebook. Sorry I cannot credit anyone because they are shared hundreds of times around. I have seen the same photos shared by many different people but please feel free to correct me if you have taken these photos.

 Most of these photos were taken in the morning on the way to work. Many people were stuck in the jam, using their phones to update statuses and taking photos. As you can see, the photo above was taken from Rock Road, on the way to Saberkas. Batu Lintang on the right is soo flooded.

A disaster happened there. A Form 6 student fell into the drain while walking to school this morning. A worker from Shell station jumped in after her. Read the news report here. Some people in Facebook are saying that their bodies have been found, but as yet I have not seen a proper news report. Until then, fingers crossed and God Bless! Hopefully they will be fine.

This photo below looks like its from Batu Lintang area as well. The area kinda slopes down. On Monday when I came home from work, I used that road and the waters were already rising. Cars were slowing down while passing but I can't imagine what its like for people who have to live in that area. Its terrible.

 This photo above looks unrecognisable doesn't it? This is in fact Hui Sing's housing area. According to sources on Facebook. Kinda scary really. 

 Tarot Cafe at Jalan Keretapi. 

Timberland area. 

I saw some more photos of my housing area at the main road to MJC, and heard from friends staying at Stapok and Sg Maong area that it is flooded too.

This is really scary. When was the last time Kuching was so badly hit?

This is a bad day all around. God bless those two missing persons and their families. 


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