Monday, 9 January 2012

Continuation of Hong Kong trip

I open up my blog everyday and I gotta say. Even I am kinda fed up/sick of my blog. Hehe blog, why u no update yourself??

I must. I must make it one of my resolutions:

- to blog more
- to eat more healthily (less Maggi) and maintain current weight. 
- drink less
- to earn more money. No idea how yet. 
- to travel more
- to cook more and save money in the process

And that's about it for now. Realistic resolutions. Unrealistic ones include:

- go to London and Europe!! Make it for Shirley's wedding! Kill me now. I wanna gooooo sooooo baddddd...Bitch needs me to be her bridesmaid. Heheh
- bake more. Make those awesome looking cakes I drool/lust over such as tiramisu.
- Quit current job and stay at home goyang kaki Find another job!


Moving on from my resolutions. :D

So in continuation of my Hong Kong trip. We took the Star Ferry from Kowloon island to Hong Kong island. You can take the MTR as well but where's the fun in that? Star Ferry was kinda cheap too only about HK$3 (estimating cos I forgot already).

We came out of Tsim Sha Tsui MTR, walked past Sasa's and Bonjour's and many branded expensive looking shops before finally reaching the harbour. Heheh.

I love Hong Kong. The views. Breathtaking. Gorgeous. I was so happy walking around pointing my camera at everywhere taking photos. Simply take photos like me also the photos turn out not bad eyy. Lihai. (and so modest).

I think it was around sunset by then. Ehh just realized Cs face getting quite round. Hahaha I did quite a good job in fattening him up. /pats self on the back. Lihai again. :)

It took some 10 mins? or less to arrive at Central. I don't remember cos I was busy taking photos and admiring the views.

The inside of the boat/ship/ferry. So quaint. 

♥ the views.

Cs with our trusty guide book..

And me posing..It wasn't cold at all. We went in mid November. Oh gawd and only now did I finally get to write about it.

Me posing..

Followed the crowds and saw a huge Apple store packed full with people. As I took this photo, I looked around to see quite a few other tourists like us also taking this photo.

Walked around Central in the mall (don't know whats the name by now) and used the fancy and very clean toilet. Then we decided to go to the Peak. So we went to take the tram up. Super long queue lo. Many tourists and we had to wait quite a while..

The tram! Everyone pushing/squeezing to go up. I am damn kiasu (as always) so I push back and managed to get a seat in front..Hahahha I am like that on Air Asia as well, before they introduced seat numbers. I am damn kiasu and walk super fast and cut here and there and always end up in front! V for Victory! Don't know why I'm broadcasting here buay paiseh one.

We didn't go in to Madame Tussauds because I went to the one in London and Cs already went in this one in HK. We both thought it was overrated. Kinda boring really taking photos with wax figures and everyone tries to molest/get close and do silly poses with the stars. 

I posted this photo on Friendster and fooled my siblings hahaha they thought I met Colin Farrell. Looks real because of the Guiness in his hand. My mum thought I was so thick skinned for going up to him and taking photo when he was obviously ignoring me. =.=

Smaller photo because I look terrible. 

And yes, I looked like that in 2005. That is how I look like about 10 kg heavier, bad hair, no make up, and bad smile. Moving on moving on..

Haih..Nv ren ah..really have to work to take care of ourselves. What we eat and drink, our skin care regime, exercise and fucking hair and make up. Need to invest time and money. Ahh no time to do so much shit lah. Have to cook, work and earn money and shit give birth some more. Not to mention all your hard work goes down the drain when you are pregnant. Hahha obviously I am not ready to be pregnant yet and I am damn emo now. Its the PMS.

The peak!! It is quite chilly and so windy up there. Don't be like Cs and forget your jacket. Don't be like me and wear a short skirt.

My humble little S90 takes quite awesome photos..

We didn't stay long. Just to take photos, and help others tourists take photos, and steal some hugs and kisses, then off we went. It was kinda cold and the wind was soo strong. I didn't want to catch a cold. Plus we wanted to go to Lan Kwai Fong after this..

The queue to go back down. Boo sama dia. ish cold lah but at least the queue pretty fast..
Look at what everyone else was wearing and what Cs and I are wearing (quick scroll up to see again!!)No wonder we are shivering.

Next up, Lan Kwai Fong!! It was a Monday night and it was pretty quiet. Just office workers. Men in suits and women in office attire having a pint after work.


We chose a bar that was easy to people watch and went in for some beer..

Unassuming looking chips that tastes good. Wished we could get more.

I wish I am more like a girl lo really. Drinking white/red wine or cocktails instead of beer.

Later we went to Yung Kee for supper. The super expensive restaurant! I asked for plain water because I had hiccups and I needed water immediately, and the server gave me a pot of hot water similar to the one below. And charged me a ridiculous amount for it.

I don't know if you should go to Yung Kee really. The food is good. We had roast goose and century eggs and they charged a ridiculous amount about RM 80 for the roast goose below.

It tastes good lar but I'm sure you can get the same at other places for much cheaper. Plus the service is bad. Lai, lets boo sama dia. Hahhah I wonder who reads my blog?

Other than Malaysians and Singaporeans, can anyone else understand me? Allow me to explain. Lai means come. As in come, come let's all boo sama dia. Lihai (when I use it) means smart/good/thumbs up. Boo sama dia means booo..hands down. (Something like that). And SPK means sua pa koo or toad under the well (something like that too).

The restaurant looks expensive from the outside eh. Supposedly won lots of awards. I say supposedly cos I dunno lah and I am lazy to do my research. I just assume so from the photos and mentions of awards in the restaurant. Don't take me so seriously.

Both of us look terrible after a looong day out and alcohol. Like shit. But posting it anyway because we were so happy then.

As we came out of Yau Ma Tei, next to the station, we went to buy some curry fish balls as err supper. Or midnight snack. Since we were on holiday, we had to try more food.

Men. Have to eat so much. Siao one. I don't have to keep reminding him to eat nowadays (like I did before when he was a crazy 58kg). He is now a healthy 76-78 kg. Good work mi. He now hunts for food for himself. Also, I encourage him to eat more and very willingly cook supper for him every night. :)


Unrelated but I am in a talking mood now. I went out drinking with Winnie last weekend. Cs stayed home watching tv and sleeping early. I woke him up about midnight to tell him that he don't have to send me home and that Winnie will send me back. But about 2+ am, I called him to ask him to pick me up. I whatsapped him to be exact. He woke up and called me and came immediately. He apparently kept waking up every 15 mins or so to check his whatsapp in case I needed him.

So he picked me up and we went home. It was about 3am by then. There was some pipe problem in our house so our shower water is very small like smaller than tap water. Makes it damn near impossible to shower or wash hair. Plus no hot water. And it is raining day and night leh fcuking cold.

So at 3am, my husband actually ran my bath water for me. Made sure I had lukewarm water to shower in and filled buckets for me. I am the luckiest girl in the world. When I woke up the next morning, I had buckets of lukewarm water to shower in again, and said hubby is at work already. Yes, I am a lucky bitch. I'm aware of that.

But I love him too. :) I fill his bath water for him as well..



Zaag said...

i read ur blog hehe, but i'm not of manderin speaking Asian, so thank you for explaing.

Amy said...

Hi! Ur welcome! Hahaha..