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So, I have not made good on my resolution. What happened to updating more recently? Grr..I have no time. Not enough time. Haiihh I know its not true. Its all a matter of priorities. I'm sure a lot of people have read this story before, but I still want to share it here.



The philosophy Professor appeared in the classroom with a big paper box. Without saying anything, he took out of the paper box a glass vase and began filling it up with small stones. The students were all looking puzzled.

When the vase didn’t have any more space for stones, the professor asked:

-Is the vase full?

And the students replied:

-Yes, it’s full.

The professor smiled and without speaking, he took out of the paper box a bag with small pebbles and
started filling up the vase; he shook it a bit and the pebbles dropped and filled the gaps between the stones. When the vase didn’t have any more space for pebbles, the professor asked:

-Is the vase full?

And the students replied:

-Yes, it’s full.

He smiled and, without speaking, he took out of the paper box a bag of sand and started emptying it into the vase. The sand dropped and filled all the gaps between stones and pebbles. When the vase didn’t have any more space for sand, he asked:

-Is the vase full?

The students slightly hesitated, but replied:

-Yes, it’s full.

He smiled again, and without speaking, he took out of the paper box two bottles of beer and started spilling them into the vase. When the vase didn’t have any more space for beer, he asked:

-Is the vase full?

This time the students laughed and said:

-Yes, it’s full.

-Now, said the professor, I want you to imagine that the vase represents your life

The stones are the most important things in life: Family, your partner, your children, your health, your good friends.
The pebbles are the other important things in your life such as studies, home, and work. If you put them first in the vase, there wouldn’t be any space left for stones, the most important things in life.
Sand is everything else -the very small things- in life. If you put the sand first, there wouldn't be any space left neither for stones nor pebbles.

The vase is your life. If you spend time and effort for small things, you will never find time for the important ones.

Separate what is important for your happiness.
Talk to your parents, play with your kids, adore your partner, look after your health, enjoy your friends. There will always be time for knowledge and studies, there will always be time for work, there will always be time to fix your house and your car. Be careful for the stones. Separate your priorities.

The students were amazed but one asked:

-Well, ok with all of that but what about the beer?

And the laughing professor replied:

-I’m so glad you asked. It’s simple: No matter how full is your life, no matter how tight things can be, you have to know that THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SPACE FOR A COUPLE OF BEERS


Although the story I heard was coffee at the ending and not beer. I suppose coffee would be better to tell students, since beer is slightly encouraging. But its the same thing anyway. No matter how busy you are, there is always time for a cup of coffee, or a couple of beers with your friends.

So moving on from our priorities. Here are some photos of my life recently:

At the New Year's Ever party at Sarawak Club, there was a caricature/comic artist. Since it was free of charge, we all joined in the queue to have our own drawing. Saved time by drawing in twos.

We were all very dressed up that day. The theme for the evening was Circus Trapeze something along those lines. Formal black tie. If I learned anything from my years of going to Sarawak Club on New Years Eve, its that everyone is dressed up to the nines.

So, better to be overdressed than under-dressed. As such, this year, we fit in perfectly. :)

Look at our drawing! Cs looks so much like Lee Chong Wei in the caricature drawing. And I, I look like his mother or someone older haih..Oh well, I wanted a drawing, and we got one. No complaints! :)

This is LCW, in case you didn't know. The world's number 1 badminton player from Malaysia. I like LCW. Cs, like, is inadequate. Cs worships LCW!!! If LCW is a woman, I would be mighty jealous! Hahaha

I watch waaayy too much badminton than I ever need to, thank u very much. Cs has been talking about LCW's new book for days. About how he is going to buy both the English and Chinese version, and a limited edition (if available), and bringing it with us to Taiwan so he can read on the plane etc..

I watch the finals match and I am glad that LCW won the Malaysia Open for the 8th consecutive time and I am looking forward to LCW winning in the Olympics etc..but Cs, he is different. He follows every single match, remembers the scores, and has the ready answer if anyone even asks him about the match. He checks the live score on the website every 5 mins (or less) when we are in church!!! When LCW is playing!!!!! Huge Fan indeed! I have learned not to speak to him when LCW is playing on tv.
Moving on, moving on..

Winnie and Kah Ling's caricature. Any comments? Don't be shy now. Its very obvious that (in the drawing), Winnie looks like Kah Ling's mum. Not that Winnie is old. Just that Kah Ling looks young, like a kid. Hahaa this should be a compliment. I must state again: in the drawing ah, yao, not real life! Before Winnie comes and screw me again.

Cherrie!! Little princess watching the world go by..

Back to badminton again. Cs won a lucky draw prize. A new badminton racket from Yonex worth about RM200+ Needless to say, he was ecstatic.

Coincidentally, on the same day, it was my office's annual dinner and I also won a lucky draw: laptop bag. :) Better than nothing. Happy nonetheless.

In the spirit of Chinese New Year, we gathered at my mum's place and made seaweed popiah and meat floss popiah!! And finished everything before Chinese New Year. Well, not the meat floss on so much, but the seaweed popiah are all gone now. Mum and Winnie have since made a second batch, and I..I am going to stop eating for now.

This is what I'm talking about: seaweed popiah. I'm sure there are other names, but I like the term seaweed popiah. So be it. :)

Annual dinner theme was Hawaiian night. So almost every other girl had a flower in the hair, or alot of flowers in the hair, or garlands. Pretty. Guys had on flowery Hawaiian shirts, and some had hats and flip flops.

It was a very casual looking affair in a 5 star hotel, no less. But it was good fun.

My outfit that day!

And that's it for my update so far. I'm halfway writing my Disneyland post but its taking too long. Long posts are just too time consuming. Ahh..I'm almost done. Maybe I'll write more again tonight.

OK Bye!

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