Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Give me just one more night

I know I know why do I keep posting photos of drinks and/or myself drinking or at pubs. Sheet does this woman do anything else at night?

Yeaaa..I err eat dinner, spend time with the hubs, work on my blog (or attempt to), go for movies (Spiderman - I think I'm in love again), go out with Win (to drink- doesn't count), visit Cherrie and the fam (and mum asks me out to drink - doesn't count too). 

Gah. Its me. Accept me for who I am. 

Anyway! These are from Havana - buy one get one free on Tuesday nights. Quick quick mark it down in your calendar!! These are good cocktails - taste good and got kick some more. Two of these and I feel my face heating up. Two of these plus 3 Strongbows later, I start a fight with the hubs. :X I KID!! Or am I? Hahha

Blue Lagoon and Mai Tai below. Photo and colour only looks so good because of Camera360.

On 30 June, it was Kieron and Melissa's wedding too. Posting it here for Shirley's benefit. 

Think I drank more than I ate hahha no lah kidding kidding. Or am I? Fcuk no idea what mood am I in. Btw, that is Colin and Li Mei in the background-colleagues. 

Nancy, Nadiah and I. All dressed in black. Coincidentally. I am a woman of many words.

Orange prawn with dragon fruit. Yum. Different but definitely yum. I had two. :)

Just realized I don't have a photo of the bride. 

So there you go. Photo from back in 2006. So young both of us. Don't think we changed much. Use your imagination Shirley. She looks more or less the same. Skin smoother and fairer I think, body size more or less the same. 

This was at Sharing Planet. I love that place. But its always fully booked. We went at 6:15pm on Sunday night and we thought phew still got empty tables. Who knows most of them were reserved! We ended up at the staff table. True- I asked the waiter: is this the staff table? He said yes. Btw the place opens at 6pm.

This is ice cream with chicken chop. Looks good, tastes good albeit a bit weird. But I still love that place. Affordable and always good value. No wonder always full house.

Can't. Resist. Fatty. Too cute.

This was one rare day when mum and Win came to look for me for lunch. At Carvery no less. Think this is the one and only time they came to look for me for lunch in all the 4 years (?) I have been there. Jeez. You guys have to visit more often! 

So that's why that deserves a photo.

OK. Update more next time. Its almost 12 and I need my beauty sleep. More like I need my sleep or I'm gonna spend the next day like a zombie yet again! Hey hey before you think too far, I do work ok. Despite all the drinking. /guilty face.

I do work. Ask my editors bahahahaa. Nancy, feel free to comment. Lol.

Really got to go now. Night night..


nanci said...

hahahahaa, yes yes i can vouch for u!

you're truly amazing! with all that drinking u can still come to the office looking fresh and produce good work!

Amy said...

hehehehe didn't expect u to really comment! lol :) thank u thank u