Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My weekend and awesome tiramisu

I seem to blog about updates on my life only these days. What I did, what I ate, where I went. Isn't that sort of what I have been doing all along? Hmm..I think I mean that it seems more boring/mundane these days. Oh well. That's life these days. Until I get to go on more vacations, these updates will have to do for now.

Anyway. The past weekend, what was I up to?

On Friday night, potluck at Benz's house - I made pasta salad and brought vegetables with a dip. Hahaa why so healthy?!

Ugly presentation (should have edited the photo). I'll improve next time. Good God listen to me! Talking about food presentations. Hahah I blame AFC channel.

Winnie brought mum's awesome beef pie (it was more like shepherd's pie - I'm so gonna get the recipe!!), and the rest brought chicken wings, roast chicken, etc.

For drinks, we had vodka with orange, tequila with orange, red wine, and lastly tequila pop (with sprite). No one got drunk but Cs and I lost heavily during truth or dare, with the result that we (Cs and I) have no more secrets from the rest of them #true story.


On Saturday night, it was ama's birthday so we relatives gathered at 360 hotel (adjacent to Hock Lee) and partied (sort of) in one of the apartments.

Hahaa not really partied lah but there was a lot of food and drinks!! Mum cooked pineapple fried rice and some lobster thingy with tomato sauce. Both were yum. The rest of the food were prepared by my aunts or tapaued from other restaurants.

Red eggs are a must for birthdays. Its a Chinese tradition and we do this every year. I don't know what it symbolises or what. Basically use red food colouring to dye the eggs red that's all. Other than that, they are just normal hard boiled eggs.

After dinner drinks. Yum. We actually finished this and another bottle of Macallan that night. Almost finished the Macallan but it was midnight already and even ama went to sleep already. So we left.

I know right, no photos of ama. They are in Winnie's phone..together with that awesome tiramisu cake my aunt brought all the way from KL. Tiramisu with strawberry sauce on the side. First time I tried it. It was delish!! With almonds.

Photo credit to Vivien. Found the photo of Google images. She says its Cognac/diluted Cognac. It tasted of strawberry though and at first glance we all thought it was chili sauce.

Apparently the cake is called Alexis Tiramisu Cake with Cognac from The Gardens. They have a few branches - go to the link I provided to see.
By the end of the night, my aunt started swaying to the music. My uncle, and my dad started singing along to the karaoke. Good fun!! Good times. I love my family. ♥

In fact, we even planned another gathering during Christmas end of this year. Another large gathering, by the beach!! Looking forward to that one! Promises of alcohol, karaoke, and dancing. Awesome family and awesome relatives! Good fun!! Can't wait.

Very happy people that night. :)


Cs and I went shopping for groceries last night. As we walked past, he suddenly let out a shocked exclamation and then started laughed. I turned around to see what happened and got a shock myself too.

Thought I saw my own husband among the broccoli lol. Hahah in this photo, they really look soo alike!

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