Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jambu Restaurant and Lounge

I have always wanted to try Jambu. The place is not new; in fact it has been open for years! I always assumed that the food is expensive - more so than usual. I don't know what gave me that impression. More on that later. Show you the photos first.

It was a Friday night and the place was empty save for us and another table. In fact, we wanted to go to Secret Garden but it was so packed and we were staving so, we decided to fook it lah and try out Jambu. Finally! Btw, we here refers to Cs and I, plus Winnie.

Complimentary keropok with dip. The dip had a sourish minty taste that I didn't really like. Sour cream dip, yum, but the mint aftertaste wasn't really my cup of tea/sauce. But its nice that its complimentary, no?

We ordered tuak to share. Winnie's bright idea was good! It costs RM 20 for a big bottle. They brew it themselves, yum! It has a ginger after taste (not strong though), and slightly sweet. 

Very nice and smooth! Definitely try if you're there. Plus its cheap for a big bottle. It was quite strong too. After a few sips, our faces start to heat up. Hahha always a good thing!

We ordered a few dishes from the Tapas section of the menu. According to Wikipedia, Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine. I love this section! I am definitely going back to sample more of the things that I have not ordered yet from the Tapas section!!

From the Tapas section, we ordered Spanish omelets, mussels with white wine, and chicken boxing. OK not very adventurous I know. But, I had Spanish omelets before made from some of my Spanish friends and I assumed they would be the same. 

Alas Jambu lost this round. The omelet was good, but a bit tasteless and I don't know..not so outstanding. But maybe that's just me! Its eggs and potatoes mi, what do you want?!! Ok fine fine! I take it back. RM 6 btw.

That was the Spanish omelet I had before..actually they look more or less the same.Only much, much smaller portion. Maybe I'm just much more picky now. =.=

There was a sauce on top but I forgot what sauce, sorry. Then how can you say Jambu lost this round? Ya ya, I take it back then. =.= talking to myself, I'm good at this. (And yah I looked like that back then. The guy is still cooking/making more omelets and we start eating already).

Anyway!! The mussels with white wine was absolutely divine! My language suddenly become so proper! Hahha I don't know what else to describe them. The sauce/soup!!! You could taste the white wine, and it was slightly creamy, plus the mussels were fresh!! I'm definitely going to order this again! RM 12 for 6 mussels (if I'm not mistaken).

Chicken boxing was good..they're chicken. What can I say about them? Hahha good nonetheless. RM 10 and I forgot how many there were.

The bread came complimentary - we had no idea what was supposed to be eaten with the bread, but we finished it all anyway. This is because the main course took so friggin longggggggg to arrive!! I KID YOU NOT!! About 40 mins to one hour!? I am NOT exaggerating!

So, we take photos to while the time click flash click.

Finish 3/4 of our tuak..(about 1/2 of which are finished by Winnie).

And finally our Caesar salad arrives!! It does not disappoint though. It is good. And look, quail eggs?! RM 18.

Lemongrass chicken with wild rice. The chicken was very flavorful and tasty!! Really nice. Can order this if you're willing to wait 40 mins. RM 28.

We ordered fish and chips from the children's menu. This was really value for money though (RM 14), and quite a big portion! Doesn't look like it in the photo but bear in mind its RM 14 leh. This also came after 40 mins. #justsaying.

Total damage: RM 118. Quite surprised!

 Not as pricey as I thought. Quite affordable really but also because we ordered 3 dishes from Tapas!

 But yes, I would go back!! For special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, it is not bad. Just call and try to order the food in advance. Here's the menu from the website. Next time I go, I'll call and order in advance!!

For those not in Kuching:

Address: 32, Crookshank Road, Kuching, 93100, Kuching, Sarawak
Phone:  082-235292

Hallway to the toilet..

One last thing before I go, Jambu apparently won an award for toilet cleanliness. Hahaha yes, I did visit. And yes, it was very clean, stocked with toilet paper, tissue paper, hand towels, and there are hooks for handbags. There are also many ornaments, paintings, and stuff in the toilet. Go check it out lol.


After that we went to Pullman hotel to meet up with friends..

Pretended to poke at goldfishes just to snap a photo..

 And have more tuak. This bottle costs us RM 28 (for a small bottle; about the size of a normal Heineken).

We asked the waitress how much was this, and she said RM 18, but when the bill came we realized it was RM 28.. Not worth it..but damn its good! Not as sweet, not ginger taste (not that its bad), and more gas. But still smooth. Took a photo for future reference!

OK bye.

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